Charlotte Chan

I have moved to Princeton University. Please see my new webpage here.

About Me

I am a graduate student in the math department at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. My advisor is Kartik Prasanna.

Here is a photo of me in front of the statue at Oberwolfach in April 2016.

I am interested in representation theory, number theory, and algebraic geometry.

In the 2017-2018 academic year, I will be supported by a Rackham Predoctoral Fellowship.

Past Updates

I am organizing a learning seminar on Borcherds products with Brandon Carter in Winter 2016.

I will be at Princeton University during Spring 2015.

Contact Info

Email: charchan [at] umich [dot] edu
Mail: Department of Mathematics
University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
2074 East Hall
530 Church Street
Ann Arbor, MI 48109

Office: East Hall 5080


(Published or arXiv versions may differ from the local versions.)

  1. Period identities of CM forms on quaternion algebras
    (pdf, 48 pages)

    For any two Hecke characters of a fixed quadratic extension, one can consider the two torus periods coming from integrating one character against the automorphic induction of the other. Because the corresponding L-functions agree, (the norms of) these periods---which occur on different quaternion algebras---are closely related by Waldspurger's formula. We give a direct proof of an explicit identity between the torus periods themselves.



  2. Affine Deligne--Lusztig varieties at infinite level (joint with A. Ivanov)
    (pdf, 44 pages)

    We construct an inverse limit of covers of affine Deligne--Lusztig varieties for GLn (and its inner forms), and prove that it is isomorphic to the semi-infinite Deligne--Lusztig variety. We then calculate its cohomology and make a comparison with automorphic induction.

    Preliminary version. November 2017.

  3. The cohomology of semi-infinite Deligne-Lusztig varieties
    (pdf, 42 pages)

    We prove a 1979 conjecture of Lusztig on the cohomology of semi-infinite Deligne--Lusztig varieties attached to division algebras over local fields. We also prove the two conjectures of Boyarchenko on these varieties.



  4. Deligne-Lusztig constructions for division algebras and the local Langlands correspondence, II
    (pdf, 31 pages) (published, 42 pages)

    We extend the results of arXiv:1406.6122 to arbitrary division algebras over an arbitrary non-Archimedean local field. We show that Lusztig's proposed p-adic analogue of Deligne-Lusztig varieties gives a geometric realization of the local Langlands and Jacquet-Langlands correspondences.

    To appear in Selecta Math.


  5. Deligne-Lusztig constructions for division algebras and the local Langlands correspondence
    (pdf, 61 pages)

    We compute a cohomological correspondence between representations proposed by Lusztig in 1979 and show that for quaternion algebras over a local field of positive characteristic, this correspondence agrees with that given by the local Langlands and Jacquet-Langlands correspondences.

    Adv. Math., 294 (2016), 332--383.


This webpage is largely based off of my friend Zev Chonoles's webpage. A huge thank you to him for allowing me to use his html and css code!