Welcome to my family page. My wife Melanie and I married July, 17 1999. Our daughter Kelsea came along Oct. 2 2000. We live in Manchester Michigan and are down to only one dog and two cats. Bruiser passed away in 2001. That dog was a numbnut, but sure was fun to have around. Earl , Cooch , and Bandit are still driving us nuts. Sometimes I think we were put on the Earth for the purpose of serving them. I also have two other wonderful daughters, Becky and Jessie . Becky and my son-in-law Rob have two great grandkids for me, Ashley and Austin. My hobbies include flying, hunting, model rocketry, RC sailplanes, travelling, and computer games.

Professionally I am a Systems Administrator for the University of Michigan's Medical School Information Systems, MSIS. I take care of our ever increasing Novell, NT, and Solaris Network, e-mail servers, workstations, sheesh, you name it. Suffice it to say I keep busy, but lucky me my work is play. Our department is really cool and I enjoy working with everyone. But it wasn't always like this...I used to have an even better job.

I joined the Navy right out of High School. All my life I had wanted to be a fighter pilot. I settled for being an Aviation Fire-Control Technician. Instead of working on Tomcats, which I wanted, I got A-6 Intruders. My disappointment was short lived though. I soon learned that all-weather medium attack was where it's at. Everything else is support. I served a very successful eight years. In that time I was promoted to Aviation Fire-Control Tech First Class, and I served aboard the U.S.S. Midway (CV-41) homeported in Yokosuka Japan. I was the flight-deck troubleshooter supervisor for VA-115, the Eagles. A flight-deck troubleshooter is beyond a doubt, the best job in the world and I got to do it for three years. I served in the Navy from 1979 - 1987 and was on the Midway from June 1981 - June 1984. Click HERE to go to the Friends and Family Photos Page.

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