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Flight Sim Related Sites
Game Pages
Military Aviation Related Pages
Nautical Related Pages
Model Rocket, Radio Control, and Space Related Pages
Friends and Family
Win95 and Network Software
Web sites for some of my favorite musicians
Dementia - Some pretty wierd stuff Maynard

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General Aviation

FAR Index
Aviation Digital Data Service (ADDS) - Weather
Short Wing Piper Club
NTSB - Aviation
Aerplanner - Flight Plans To Go
Marv Golden Pilot Supplies

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Flight Simulation Links:

Rocketman's AirWarrior Web Page and FAQ
Micro$oft Flight Sim 2000
Micro$oft CFS2
Electronic Arts: Home of Jane's Simulations
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Game related links:

Games Domain - Reviews, previews, links and more!
Ubi Soft
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Military Aviation related sites:

F3H Demon Driver's Page
Ginter Books - Navy and Air Force Fighters
Wayne Paul's Schreder Sailplane Page
Robin Lee's Vulture's Row - Excellent US Naval information site
Elevon - Joseph Bauger's Military Encyclopedia and Emmanuel Gustin's Military Aircraft Database
F-4 Phantom's Lair
Chris Holvenstot's Wallpaper Page
"The Jolly Rogers" Squadron Past & Present
001 -- Flight of the Valkyrie
Tailhook Assiociation Home Page
Douglas F4D Web Page
Marine Corps Aviation Reconnaissance Association
Darryl Shaw's Naval Air Page
Association of Aviation Ordnancemen - UPDATED
LDO Aviation Ordnanceman Jerry Burrow's Web Page
Russian Aviation Page
Landings Aviation Server
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Nautical related sites:

Midway Joe's Navy
San Diego Aircraft Carrier Musuem future home of the Midway!
NAVYDAZE Naval & Aviation Art
Blue Angels Alumni Association
Takafumi Hiroe's GO! NAVY! page
Donald Shelton's Puget Sound Naval Shipyard Page
U.S. Naval Institute
American Battle Monuments
Naval Safety Center - Approach Magazine and more
Navy Times
NavyOnLine Home Page
USS Forrestal
NAS Whidbey's Home Page
USS Saratoga Home Page

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Model Rocketry Aerospace and RC Links

National Association of Rocketry
Apogee Rockets - Great source for competition supplies and rocketry software
East Coast Rocketry - Having a Blast under 10,000 ft
Bob Hart's WWW Launch Control
Rocketry Online
Rocketman's Web Page
Omniscience Futureneering Skunk Works
JP Aerospace
Commonwealth Displays - Model and High Powered Rocketry
Welcome to Tower Hobbies!
Astronomical Images - Deep Sky Astrophotography
The Space Race - Mark Wade's Home Page
Today at NASA
The NASA Homepage
NASA - JSC Digital Image Collection
White Sands Missile Range
Team Redstone On-Line

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Friends and Family

Doug Page (A-6E BN extraordinaire) - Eagle Flight Skydiving "
Another Doug, Doug Smith
Dave Pastula's Marshal Point

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Win95 and Network Software

Steve Jenkin's Win95 Applications Page
c|net central

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Web sites for some of my favorite musicians

Flaming Telepaths - Blue Oyster Cult
Sarah McLachlan
The Todd Rundgren Connection
Doobie Brothers
ELP - Emerson, Lake & Palmer
Ultimate Band List - Don't like any of mine? Find your own here

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BRESSLER.ORG - A great Forum website with a lot of funny stuff. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!
The Red Green Show webpage
The Onion - Number One in News
Virtual Frog Dissection Kit Info Page
Rodney Dangerfield
Steve Rapport's Young Ones' Home Page
The Capt. James T. Kirk Sing-a-long Page
Trek Love... The Un-Aired Star Trek Episode
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