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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Mickey-Mouse network prefers warmongering, corporation-coddling candidates

From the Kucinich campaign:
The Kucinich campaign is still awaiting an official response from ABC News about the unexplained--some have charged "inexplicable"--way in which the network has handled its post-debate online coverage of Ohio Congressman and Democratic Presidential candidate Dennis Kucinich over the past few days.

Among the "outrages" that have energized tens of thousands of Kucinich supporters--and even non-supporters--thousands of whom have flooded the ABC News website and other online news sites with comments of protest:

* Congressman Kucinich was apparently deliberately cropped out of a "Politics Page" photo of the candidates.

* Sometime Monday afternoon, after Congressman Kucinich took a commanding lead in ABC's own on-line "Who won the Democratic debate" survey, the survey was dropped from prominence on the website.

* ABC News has not officially reported the results of its online survey.

* After the results of that survey showed Congressman Kucinich winning handily, ABC News, sometime Monday afternoon, replaced the original survey with a second survey asking "Who is winning the Democratic debate?"

* During the early voting Monday afternoon and evening, U.S. Senator Barack Obama was in the lead. By sometime late Monday or early Tuesday morning, Congressman Kucinich regained the lead by a wide margin in this second survey.

* Sometime Tuesday morning, ABC News apparently dropped the second survey from prominence or killed it entirely.

* AND, as every viewer of the nationally televised Sunday Presidential forum is aware, Congressman Kucinich was not given an opportunity to answer a question from moderator George Stephanopoulos until 28 minutes into the program.

The campaign submitted objections and inquiries to ABC News representatives on Monday and Tuesday. ABC News representatives have failed to respond--or even acknowledge--those objections and inquiries.
Here's the ABC photo:
While Dennis certainly has a valid complaint about the photo, I'd say Bill "Wait until I zip up before taking the picture" Richardson and Hillary "Wide Body" Clinton do as well. But as for the other stuff, I saw it all four years ago. Even though more voters, especially Democrats, agreed with Dennis on the issues than with any other candidate, the corporate media and "mainstream" Dumbocrats convinced them first that Dennis was "unelectable," and then used the same strategy on Dean. These mainstream Clintonistas like Snufalopogus gave us the ultimate in unelectability, John Kerry, who spent his entire campaign convincing people that he wasn't much different from Bush (which he wasn't).

Anyway--go to the Kucinich web site and drop some bucks, if you've got 'em. Neither Clinton nor Obama is going to save this country, or the world, from the warmongering corporate greedheads. Dennis at least wants to.