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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Red, white and blue jury

From Paul Craig Roberts' scathing denunciation of the Padilla verdict:
The jury, of course, had no idea of what was at stake. It was a patriotic jury that appeared in court with one row of jurors dressed in red, one in white, and one in blue (Peter Whoriskey, Washington Post, August 17, 2007).

It was a jury primed to be psychologically and emotionally manipulated by federal prosecutors desperate for a conviction for which there was little, if any, supporting evidence. For the jury, patriotism required that they strike a blow for America against terrorism. No member of this jury was going to return home to accusations of letting off a person who has been portrayed as a terrorist in the US media for five years.
And from Lindsey Beyerstein, quoting a Democracy Now! interview with a psychiatrist:
Amongst other serious cognitive and emotional aberrations, Dr. Hagerty observed that the 36-year-old American (Padilla) was furious at his own lawyers for making the government's job harder:

Also he had developed, actually, a third thing. He had developed really a tremendous identification with the goals and interests of the government. I really considered a diagnosis of Stockholm syndrome. For example, at one point in the proceedings, his attorneys had, you know, done well at cross-examining an FBI agent, and instead of feeling happy about it like all the other defendants I've seen over the years, he was actually very angry with them. He was very angry that the civil proceedings were "unfair to the commander-in-chief," quote/unquote.

And in fact, one of the things that happened that disturbed me particularly was when he saw his mother. He wanted her to contact President Bush to help him, help him out of his dilemma. He expected that the government might help him, if he was "good," quote/unquote. [Democracy Now!]

There's a guy who's well equipped to participate in his own defense. He finally loves Big Brother!

Well, maybe it was a jury of his peers. Padilla had been brainwashed by years of torture and isolation. The jury had been more pleasantly brainwashed by a largely brain-dead country and its criminally negligent media and politicians. Red, white and blue rows. With the defendant as the brainwashed 13th juror. Convicted of thoughtcrime after his ability to think for himself has been destroyed. The perfect stageset for finishing off the Constitution.