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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Peter Pace shakes Djibouti

The apparently permanently outgoing chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff dropped in on the imperial storm troopers in Djibouti yesterday:
"What you are doing here is making it so that the Horn of Africa does not appear on the front page of the Washington Post or your local newspapers," Marine Gen. Peter Pace told the troops. "We are operating in Afghanistan and Iraq right now because the international community was not able to get those nations straight before it was necessary to use force."

Pace told the servicemembers that what they are doing with coalition partners and the host nations of the region is helping the nations of the Horn of Africa "develop the skills, the capacities, the kind of good governance that's required so we don't have to do here what we're doing in Iraq and Afghanistan."
Which is, of course, causing the skills to flee, destroying the capacities, and replacing bad governance with no governance. And WIIIAI comments on the first paragraph:
A whole universe of reflexive, arrogant American imperialism is contained in that single word "straight."
Exactly the type of imperialism supported by the "serious" pResidential pRetenders in both parties, as Glenn Greenwald described (quoted in my previous post).