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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Al Qaeda caused Katrina

Of course al Qaeda didn't cause Katrina, but that wouldn't prevent government spokesmodels* from saying it. And if they did, almost all of the press would report it. A few would add "government sources say," and one or two seldom-read newspapers might even question the accuracy of the government pronouncement. But, for the most part, the government would say it, and the media would repeat it.

Don't believe it? Just look at what they're doing with the news out of Iraq. All of a sudden, everyone the US military is killing (by the hundreds) in Iraq is now "al Qaeda." The military says so, and the media mindlessly repeats it. Iraq is not the central front in the "war on terror," but our worthless media is doing its evil best to make it seem so.

Glenn Greenwald has the gruesome details. Greenwald quotes Ted Galen Carpenter of the CATO Institute from January:
The notion of al Qaeda using Iraq as a sanctuary is a specter -- a canard that the perpetrators of the current catastrophe use to frighten people into supporting a fatally flawed, and seemingly endless, nation-building debacle.
But for Bush, Cheney, Lieberman, Levin, 411 members of the House and our worthless media, canards are all they've got. They worked for ten years in Vietnam.