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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

What Every American Should Know...

... is sometimes as reliable as "Curveball." Reading further in the Smirking Chimp article mentioned in the previous post, I read this whopper:
To this day Bush claims that Saddam kicked out the inspectors. That had been true five years previously, but not before the war.
The UN inspectors were pulled out of Iraq in 1998 by chief weapons inspector Richard Butler, conveniently just in time for Bill Clinton to bomb the crap out of it. Fortunately, "Cyberluddite" caught the gaff in comments, immediately following a discussion of Smirking Chimp's failure to link sources in his summary--highlighting for me the most important reason for using links in blog posts: It keeps you from posting falsehoods. Maybe you don't follow many links on this blog or others, but when they're there, it means that the blogger at least cares enough about accuracy to check occasionally.

And commenter "coffee" provided a great link--to FAIR's What a Difference Four Years Makes, a comparison of how the mainstream media's coverage of the UN inspectors' 1998 departure was covered in 1998 and in 2002.