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Monday, June 25, 2007

Let's get Levin OUT

Now that our wussy senior senator is in a position of considerable power, chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee, he is taking a strong stand--to give our idiot pResident every damn thing he wants in Iraq. Levin even wrote an op-ed in the WaPo comparing his willingness to endlessly fund the Iraq disaster with Abraham Lincoln's one-time funding of the American invasion troops in 1847--after that war was effectively won. Robert Parry points out the inaccuracies and stupidity in Levin's approach.

Levin wants to be re-elected in 2008. After this and Levin's calling for attacks on Iran and Syria, he is no longer representing the people of Michigan. We need someone MUCH better representing us in the Senate. And don't buy the seniority argument: Levin has it, and he's using it: to support Bush. Screw him. Oh, and call his office: (202) 224-6221. Tell them to tell him to defund the war.