Associate Professor
Department of Atmospheric, Oceanic, and Space Sciences (AOSS)
University of Michigan
Email: xianglei at
Phone: (734) 936-0491
Fax: (734) 936-0503
1533 Space Research Building
2455 Hayward Street, Ann Arbor, MI 48109-2143
Research Interests:
  • Infrared radiative transfer and remote sensing
  • Our research on the effect of cloud overlapping assumptions on spectral fingerprints has been chosen as AGU research spotlight.
  • Diagnostic analysis of satellite observations and climate simulations
  • Our research on radiative effect of TTL cirrus on tropospheric-stratospheric transport has been highlighted on Geophysical Research Letters.
  • Hydrological cycle and its interaction with atmospheric radiation and dynamics
  • Climate diagnostics
  • Planetary Atmospheres
Research Data Product:
Please see the data product webpage (link) for further information

Research Group:
  • Graduate students: Fang Pan, Yi-Hsuan Chen, Zachary Fair
  • Assistant Research Scientist: Xiuhong Chen
  • Alums:
    • Ph.D.:
      • Chunpeng Wang (Data modeler, Quicken Loans, USA)
      • Huiwen Chuang (Taiwan, ROC)
    • Postdocs:
      • Wenze Yang(Associate Researech Scientist, University of Maryland)
      • Lei Song (Associate Director of HAAS, Institute of Atmospheric Physics, China Acadmey of Sciences)
      • Xiuhong Chen (Assistant Research Scientist, the University of Michigan)
    • M.S.: Lu Ren (China Meteorological Administration, Beijing, China), Hongze Cheng (University of Michigan)
    • Undergraduates: LeKeisha Suggs(Cooley Law School), Andrew Chen(Medical School of Temple University), Han Wang (Courant Institute of Mathematics, NYU), Trent Frey (NOAA National Data Buoy Center)
Research Group News:
  • September 2016, our work on the use of commericial cloud computing for climate simulations is highlighted by Michigan Institute for Computational Discovery and Engineering.
  • September 2016, Xiuhong has been appointed to Assistant Research Scientist.
  • August 2016, we have published the first-ever global surface spectral emissivity database with full coverage of the entire longwave spectrum (link to the JAS article).
  • January 2016, Yi-Hsuan has been awarded Dean's Fellowship for his academic performance.
  • September 2015, Hongze has been awarded a merit-based travel grant by AGU Atmospheric Science Section for attending the Fall AGU conference in December.
  • August 2015, Xianglei has been selected as a recipient of 2015 NASA Langley's Henry J.E. Reid award (news link).
  • November 2014, We are among the winners of inaugural Amazon Climate Research Grant and marching towards the era of cloud computing with 5 millons of CPU hours from Amazon EC2 Spot Instances.
  • August 2013, Xiuhong's recent paper has been chosen by AGU as a research spotlight across all journals published by AGU (AGU news link).
  • September 2012, we have another paper in press on Journal of Climate, in which a simple theoretical explanation has been given to account for the weakening of the Walker circulation from the radiative-convective equilibrium perspective(link to the early online release on Journal of Climate).
  • July 2012, in the week of July 4th, our third and fourth papers on longwave band-by-band flux and cloud radiative effect studies were both in press on Journal of Climate.
  • February 2012, Huiwen successfully defended her Ph.D. thesis!
  • June 2011, Chunpeng's first paper is now in press on JGR-Atmospheres.
  • March 2011, Huiwen won first prize (tie) in the 2011 MGU (Michigan Geophysical Union) for her work on atmospheric bridge.
  • December 2010, Xianglei has been selected into the science definition team for CLARREO, a tier-1 mission recommended by the 2007 NRC Decadal Survey.
  • July 2010, Hui-wen's first paper is now in press on JGR-Atmospheres(link).
  • March 2010, both Hui-wen and Chunpeng won prizes in the 2010 MGU (Michigan Geophysical Union).
Job Opportunity:
  • Please directly contact me if you are interested in opportunities of graduate study or postdoctoral research.
  • We heartily invite self-motivated and talented s tudents to join our group. Given the interdisciplinary nature of our research, s tudents from all related fields are encouraged to apply. The related fields incl ude but not be limited to physics, applied mathematics, meteorology, environment al engineering.