Fanfic Updates

8/1/05—"Manga Reviews" page replaced with Manga Recommendations and "Novel Reviews" replaced with Novel Recommendations

7/21/04Koori no Mamono summary page completed

6/30/04—Page added for City of Glass novel summaries

7/28/03"Part of Me" (a Sirius/Lupin story) added to Singles

6/28/03Kill the Crows Summaries added

6/17/03—Updated the Manga Reviews page

4/6/02—Added a page for Japanese Novel Reviews

2/1/02—Rearranged so that novel summaries are on their own page

12/14/01"Broken Toy" added to the Four Dragon Island summary page

12/5/01Ao no Kiseki Summaries added to Anime

10/9/01Delfinia Summaries added to Anime; Novel 12 added to the Souryuuden Summary Project

9/3/00Four Dragon Island Summaries added to Anime

8/21/00/CardCaptor Sakura translations removed because they're being released commercially

7/16/00Yami no Matsuei manga summaries added to Manga Reviews

6/27/00—Translation of CardCaptor Sakura Volume 11 added to Anime

6/24/00Souryuuden Summary Project expanded and moved to a new page

4/13/00"The Feminine Mystery" added to Anime; Koori no Mamono no Monogatari manga summaries added to Manga Reviews

1/9/00—Translation of CardCaptor Sakura Volume 10 added to Anime

12/5/99—Link to my Manga Reviews page added

10/1/99"Sweet Young Boys..." added to Anime

8/20/99—Translation of CardCaptor Sakura Volume 9 added to Anime

7/9/99—A new Top Ten List added

7/8/99"Shades of Black" added to Short Scenes

5/27/99CardCaptor Sakura manga translations added to Anime

5/20/99"Wrestle You for It" added to Short Scenes

5/13/99—First part of the Sohryuden/Escaflowne story added to the Reikai Dating Game

4/15/99—Added the Sohryuden summary to my list of priorities

2/24/99"The Best Laid Plans" added to Anime

2/20/99"Beneath the Surface" added to Short Scenes

2/14/99"One Night in Kyoto" added to Anime; in honor of Valentine's Day, another Top 10 List added

1/15/99—Text of F&P page modified; "Sohryuden Summary Project" added to Anime

1/13/99"Shock Treatment" added to Short Scenes

12/29/98The Great Reikai Dating Game added to Anime

12/14/98"There Comes a Child, Book II" added to F&P page

9/23/98—All stories being renamed and re-coded so that they are more uniform

9/12/98"Top Ten Things Hiei Would Never Say" and "Unsubstantiated YYH Myths" added to Short Scenes

9/8/98"Tadaima" added to Short Scenes

8/4/98"A Fox Tale" added to Short Scenes

7/23/98—Link to the QL story fixed

7/10/98—Format of F&P page updated

7/7/98—Format of page changed

6/30/98"A Night on the Town" added under Short Scenes

5/25/98"Starchild" added

4/22/98"Year's End" added to Fox & Phoenix page

4/3/98—Two more Top 10 lists added

3/4/98—Links fixed

2/17/98"Loved Ones" added to Fox & Phoenix page

1/14/98—Top 10 lists added

1/11/98"A Matter of Taste" added under Short Scenes

12/17/97—List of my fanfiction priorities added

11/19/97—Page for "The Fox and the Phoenix" universe added, with supplementary scenes