Title Author, Artist Length Genre Reason
Ouchou Romance
秋月こお, 唯月一
Akizuki Koo, Yuzuki Ichi
7 volumes + Special
Historical romance
Heian romances get me every time. The main couple is utterly adorable as they explore their budding feelings for each other. Their initial master/servant relationship is turned on its head when the uke's parentage is discovered, and the repercussions of that are interesting. I also enjoy the guest appearances of actual historical figures...when I recognize them. ^_^;
Asagiri Yuu
3 volumes
BL This is a spinoff of one of the author's other series, focusing on Kouhei, the son of the main couple. He is an awesome character. He's precocious and cheeky and cute. He also wants to be a seme like his father, but his build is smaller than his boyfriend, so he has no choice but to be the uke, and this takes some convincing. The best part is when Kouhei's father sits down with Kouhei's boyfriend and asks, "Would you do me?" <snicker> In other words, the cute little uke will one day mature to be just like his father...can you handle that? This series TOTALLY needs to be longer.
Azuma & Imari
榎田尤利, 高橋悠
Eda Yuuri, Takahashi Yuu
4 volumes
BL This is essentially a salaryman romance version of Odoru Daisousasen. The personable, energetic salaryman falls for the aloof, elite salaryman from another department. All of the characters are well-drawn, with amusing quirks, and seem very real.
Uozumi-kun Series
榎田尤利, 茶屋町勝呂
Eda Yuuri, Chayamachi Suguro
6 volumes
BL I'm torn about including this one. On the one hand, I like it a lot because the characters are all three-dimensional and realistic, and the writing style is sensual beyond belief. However, the pace is excruciatingly slow, and the ending is not what I would have wanted. I decided in favor of including it because the part BEFORE the ending is simply excellent.
Sono Yubi-dake ga Shitte Iru
神奈木聖, 小田切ほたる
Kannagi Satoru, Odagiri Hotaru
4 volumes
BL The main characters are just so CUTE together. Sometimes I get exasperated by the uke's denseness, but that's not unusual in the genre.
Glass no Machi nite
柏枝真郷, 茶屋町勝呂
Kashiwae Masato, Chayamachi Suguro
22 volumes
This series has a plot. Ignore it. It's all about the adorable main characters, who are just about the most thoroughly and completely in love couple I've seen. Literally EVERYTHING reminds them of each other. The cuteness is lethal.
Delfinia Senki
茅田砂胡, 沖麻実也
Kayata Sunako, Oki Mamiya
19 volumes
Fantasy If you like epic fantasy, this series is excellent. It's the saga of a young girl (really a boy) with superhuman powers who falls through a dimensional portal and helps an exiled warrior regain and protect his kingdom. The characters are all quite vivid and the story is enthralling. If there's a weakness, I'd say it's that the author teases with hints of BL but never delivers. You just have to console yourself by looking at the pretty Oki Mamiya artwork.
Flesh & Blood 松岡なつき, 雪舟薫
Matsuoka Natsuki, Yukifune Kaoru
10 volumes
Historical romance
Two words: Gay pirates. If you're still not convinced: Time travel. After that, you're on your own.
水壬楓子, 白砂順
Minami Fuuko, Shirasa Jun
6 volumes
A kingdom where the royal family members are werewolves? What could be better? The uke characters tend to be on the young side in this series, but if you can handle that, the love scenes are among the best. I particularly like the story of the prince who doesn't turn into a complete wolf, he just gets the ears and tail...when he's turned on. <g>
Juuni Kokki
小野不由美, 山田章博
Ono Fuyumi, Yamada Shouhaku
11 volumes
Fantasy I debated about whether to include this series, mainly because it isn't finished...it stops abruptly with some very important plot threads left hanging. However, the richness of the elaborate world deserves attention. The archaic vocabulary and the society set up like ancient China make it difficult to read, but it is certainly well worth the effort.
真堂樹, 浅見侑
Shindou Tatsuki, Asami Yuu
31 volumes
Ongoing (Gaiden)
The two main characters of this series are both great, but it takes them WAY too long to get together. You must have high tease endurance to read this one. The gorgeous artwork helps in that respect.
Eikoku Youitan
篠原美季, かわい千草
Shinohara Miki, Kawai Chigusa
16 volumes
The uke in this series is caught in a love triangle with two devoted seme characters, one angelic, one demonic...and he doesn't even know it. I find this an interesting contrast to most love triangles, because I usually want to yell "Make up your mind already!" So far there has been smooching, LOTS of flirting, and even some nudity...but, alas, no lovin'. I am hoping that the author can't go on teasing forever. In the meantime, I'm enjoying the references to mythology and literature that make up the supernatural adventures.
Sanzen Sekai no Karasu o Koroshi
津守時生, 藍川さとる, 古張乃莉,麻々原絵里依
Tsumori Tokio,
Aikawa Satoru/Kobari Nori, Mamahara Ellie
12 volumes + 2 Specials
Science fiction
The art in this series is stunningly gorgeous...until it switches illustrators. Still, the characters themselves are awesome, and the humor just doesn't quit. The best part is a running joke about a real-person slash fanzine being written about the various characters--it truly captures the slash fangirl mentality. The one flaw is that, though the hero of the story spends a lot of time flirting and even playing tonsil-hockey with a number of the men around him, he continues to maintain that he's straight. <sigh> I prefer monogamy, so I'd rather he pick someone and stick to that decision.
Yasashii Ryuu no Koroshikata
津守時生, 橘水樹
Tsumori Tokio, Tachibana Mizuki
6 volumes
This is the story of a young dragon king who comes to the human world and falls in love with a handsome paladin. Three guesses why I like it. ^_~ The dragon has got to be one of the most romantic, devoted seme characters ever...plus he has awesome magic powers, which is a bonus. The one flaw is that the story isn't finished. The author had intended to go on and write more, but the publisher never gave the go-ahead, so the story leaves off with the main characters living in different dimensions. We just have to be satisfied knowing the author intends for them to be together eventually. Update: The story will be continued! Thus this series now has no flaws.
Saiunkoku Monogatari
雪乃紗衣, 由羅カイリ
Yukino Sai, Yura Kairi
13 volumes
Historical romance The art is beautiful, especially the Chinese-style clothing. The characters are great--they all use their heads to solve problems, so we get to see lots of clever strategy. The humor is fun, too.