Top Ten Articles in Makai-politan

by Amparo Bertram and Kurama no Miko

10) The Very Latest in Stylish Wards

9) How to Keep Your Koorime Gems Looking Their Best

8) Top Ten Hottest Tattoos

7) Keeping Your Man Happy: The Places He Wants to Feel Your Touch (With Bonus Tips for Wings and Tails!)

6) Hair Styles That Will Drive Them Wild

5) The Pros and Cons of Interracial Relationships: a Koorime Tells All

4) Summer's the Season--Seven Sexy Swimsuits That Will Make You Sizzle! (With Exclusive Exercise Advice from Your Favorite Tournament Announcer)

3) Spice up Your Marriage: 25 New Positions for Your Next Century of Wedded Bliss

2) 101 Uses for Roses in Your Home

1) Makeup Essentials for Fabulous Eyes--No Matter How Many You Have!

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© 1999 Amparo Bertram and Enju-chan