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updated: Sunday, February 22, 2015

Courses: Fall 2014

up540 planning theory    up650 advanced urban theory    

Winter 2015

UP538 economic development planning    up835 Research Seminar    

Fall 2015

 UP523 regional planning    up539 methods of economic development planning    

past courses

up532 sustainable development   up504 quantitative planning methods

all planning courses    


Class blog sites (content/images provided by students)
First Nature, Second Nature, City
Visualizing the Global/National/Local
public spaces
Arts, Culture and Economic Development
the future of suburbia
arguments for/against planning

Selected Research
Sustainable Development and Social Justice:  Conflicting Urgencies and the Search for Common Ground in Urban and Regional Planning (Michigan Journal of Sustainability, Vol 1, 2013)
"Free-marketers on the way up but planning interventionists on the way down? Economic crisis and planning’s rescue narrative from the Great Depression to the Crash of 2008-9" paper presented at 2009 ACSP conference.
Megaregions and Sustainability,” in Megaregions: Planning for Global Competitiveness, Catherine Ross (ed), Island Press, 2009
Readings in Planning Theory + Readings in Urban Theory, both co-edited with Susan S. Fainstein. Blackwell (2nd edition).
"Is 'Progress' No Longer Progressive? Reclaiming the Ideology of Progress in Planning"
"Case Studies in Planning: Comparative Advantages and the Problem of Generalization" .
"The Enduring Importance of National Capital Cities in the Global Era"
"Unpacking the Impetus for Regional Planning in the U.S.:  Cooperation, Coercion and Self-Interest" (co-authored with Phil D'Anieri)
"Green Cities, Growing Cities, Just Cities?  Urban Planning and the Contradictions of Sustainable Development" .

list of recommended summer readings for students

also: view these urban photographs (taken by my daughter)


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