Plot Locations

In two field seasons, a total of 56 plots were established around Club property. This includes 43 plots in 1998 (labeled 98--) and 13 plots in 1999 (labeled 99--). These plots were established for two reasons, 1) to study the physiography, soils, and vegetation of the property thereby allowing us to ecologically map the property, and 2) to help describe the ecosystems in the Ecosystem Classification. Additionally, data was collected from 16 mini-plots whose location have been noted in the official notebook. Data collected from the plots was written on the Plot Forms, and these plot forms give accurate descriptions as to the locations of each of the plots. The map, while being as accurate as possible, can not perfectly simulate conditions on the ground surface. So, the map should not be used alone to locate the plots, but in conjunction with data on the plot forms.

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