Ecosystem Classification of the Forest Lake Club

Landscape ecosystems are geographic or terrain segments of Earth space--units that may be identified and separated out from the landscape continua in which they occur. They are the structural-functional units of nature. Local ecosystem types of Club property are nested within a hierarchy of landscape ecosystems starting from the largest ecosystem that we can work with--the Ecosphere. The local ecosystems are nested into landforms; larger ecosystems at a broader scale, of which there are three on Club property. These landforms are then nested into larger ecosystems (sections and then physiographic provinces as defined by Penn State University), and so.

This classification is meant to be used in conjuncture with the Ecosystem Map. The classification contains full descriptions of each of the individual ecosystems, including information on physiography, soil, biota, microclimate, similar ecosystems, and natural history notes. This classification, along with the Ecosystem Map, Landform Map, Cover Type Map and Cover Type Classification form the basis for a landscape management plan. The potential uses of this information are almost endless, because it sets up a consistent framework from which to work with in any further study done by the Club.

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