Internship Opportunities

Internships are a new addition to RUSLAN. The program is assembling local internship opportunities in Russia-related community agencies, NGOs, businesses. Internships in Russia are also being planned.

RUSLAN is currently looking for 1 intern to work at the Jewish Family Services (5-10 hrs/wk) in the Fall or Winter Terms, with more internship placements to come over the summer.

Job description: native or near native speaker; assist JFS in coordinating the RUSLAN program, including developing further opportunities for student/client interaction. The Russian intern would also be able to gain a great deal of experience in working with Russophone client population through home visits, assisting in coordinating cultural events, assisting with paperwork regarding social services, health care, and housing, translating documents, and other tasks.

The work would be primarily done in Russian with the clients, and with staff and other organizations, primarily in English. The ideal candidate for this would be a graduate student, preferably someone interested in working with older adults, or interested in social work, or non-profit management and community agency work. However, any student with native or near native Russian language who has good communication skills in general, is self-motivated, hard-working, and flexible could be a good candidate.

Interns will register for 2-3 credits (depending on the workload) in Russian 315/RCCore 309. This entails training, service, weekly reflection journals or blogs, bi-weekly meetings with the faculty supervisor, and a final internship report.

To apply: Fill out the application form and send it to Alina Makin ( The application deadline is August 1/December 1 for FT/WT. Interviews will be scheduled around the move-in time in early late August/early September, or December 15.