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Compiled by David Piper
from the Contents of An Unsigned & Undated sheet in HSAG/MLA Notebook

Origins (1973-1978): Brief Chronology

May 31, 1973
Group of librarians meet who are concerned with medical media.
Aug. 17, 1973
Letter to President of MLA stating proposal to form Special Interest Group for Medical Media -- Steering Committee listed
Nov. 20, 1973
Petition to MLA for formation of Health Sciences Audiovisual Group
Dec. 1973
Petition approved at MLA
Jun. 4, 1974
First official meeting of group at MLA Conference, San Antonio, Texas
Jun., 4 1975
2nd Annual Meeting:
Began Directory of health sciences media personnel;
First slate of officers
August 1976
ByLaws Committee Appointed
AVLINE Project
June 1977
By-Laws Approved
June 1978
Revised By-Laws
Name changed to HSAVS

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