EMTS Timeline

Section Timelines

Compiled by David Piper
from the Contents of An Unsigned & Undated sheet in HSAG/MLA Notebook

Educational Media and Technologies Section (EMTS): May 1988 - present

May 22, 1988
At the 1988 Annual Meeting in New Orleans, the membership gives final approval for changing the name of the Health Sciences Audiovisal Section to the Educational Media and Technologies Section (EMTS).
Fall 1993
Charles Greenberg develops the EMTS listserv (EMTS@listserv.arizona.edu now administered by Dave Piper).
May 15-18, 1994
For the 1994 Annual Meeting in San Antonio, Texas, EMTS sponsors the first "MLA Learning Center".
The MLA Learning Center is a microcomputer software demonstration area that offers hands-on exposure to interactive multimedia programs. The Learning Center is organized by EMTS member, Charles Greenberg, and staffed by various EMTS members.
Bill Karnoscak and Marlene Smith took on the responsibility for the "Highly Recommended AV and Computer-Based Learning Survey". Marlene later goes solo with this.
May 1995
Charles Greenberg (chair 1994-95) produced the first EMTS web-site with lists of officers, annual reports, programs, publications and other activities.
Beginning of an on-line newsletter in 1996 - also posted to our EMTS Web page.
EMTS sponsors a Statistics Committee, chaired by Christine Frank, to gather data related to learning resource facilities on a national basis.
Eric Schnell took over our web-site at http://bones.med.ohio-state.edu/emts/emts.html.
The EMTS Bylaws Committee (Bev Hilton, Chair & Dave Piper, Kelly Hensley) work on proposed revisions to the Bylaws for Section vote at the annual business meeting.
EMTS participation in the MLA Centennial activities.
(1) Pat Anderson creates an EMTS Centennial web-page to present historical information. (2) Marlene Smith writes the EMTS history for this site to be demonstrated at the Annual Meeting. (3) EMTS donates $300 to the MLA Centennial Fund. (4) The EMTS membership sends cyber-birthday greetings to MLA. (5) A poster size birthday card is created for display at the MLA Annual Meeting.
Silver anniversary of the first EMTS business meeting.
Marlene Smith (Chair) proposes a Section Recognition award to the Executive Board.
A discussion results in Jim Duncan (Chair-elect) volunteering to write the motion. Section Council Representative, Laura Barrett, enters a motion at Section Council entitled: "A Motion to Discuss the Creation of an MLA Section Awards Program."

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