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Life is way too short to be spending it in front of a computer, so I won't patronize you by saying my web page is perpetually "under construction". If it hasn't been updated in a while, it's because I'm doing something much more important than goofing around here...

However, since you took the trouble to find my one-and-only kinda-sorta updated homepage (or at least the place where all my other pseudo-homepages lead to), let me tell you a little bit about myself.

1) While I write code for a number of different computer architectures, my very favorite OS (operating system) is the Macintosh OS.

Up until March of 1997, I was working for Apple Computer; but unlike many other people working there at the time, I never wanted to get a layoff package. That was then, where I used to work for love, I now work for money. I wish Apple well and I really hope they survive ('cause perhaps I might get to return there someday).

In case a recruiter is looking at this, or if you just want to see what I do, you can click on my RESUME.

These days I am a freelance / contract programmer, juggling anywhere from one to 5 projects at a time for different employers. I sometimes get to work on site, but most of the time I work from home. It's nice to look out the window and see the city and people walking around, but it can also be quite lonely when I work by myself so often. For an anti-stereotypical programmer, in reality I'm extroverted!

2) After on and off again grad studies, I finally got kicked out of school with an actual earned Master's degree in Computer Science in 2002. On my resume, I purposely list my classes at Stanford University first (to get all the headhunters excited), but earned B+'s and A-'s were not good enough to get admitted. The school I actually finished the degree at was the grad school where I started in 1994, Wayne State University. Quite an achievement perhaps, but it was quite a long, winding, weird journey.

3) Beyond my responsibilities, I love getting away... to explore near and far (i.e. I'm a travel junkie), meeting family and friends. Speaking of friends, if you've just discovered me or my web pages, please send a message and say hello. I want to hear from cool new people, life's too short to not make new friends. Wouldn't you agree? Email and tell me who is out there looking at me.

My favorite way of parking

These html pages were hand coded with "vi", the only real UNIX editor

Last updated 1-September-2015

To get in contact with me, feel free to send a message to...
dautermann @ spamarrest(dot)com
(replace the "(dot)" in my address with a period to make it a real e-mail address; you'll also be sent a message asking to verify that you're real... no need to worry that I don't want to hear from you.... I just want to cut back on my spam intake)

I can also be reached via Skype

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