Resumes for Michael Dautermann

Three differently-formatted resumes to choose from.

Are you a recruiter? Do you have an INTERESTING and CHALLENGING job opening?

I am currently on the market for both full-time and contract work. The kind of job I am really enthusiastic for is one that benefits consumers & customers, i.e. folks who will use and enjoy my (and my teammates') work on a regular basis.

If you are looking for the definitive role model resume from which every other one pales in comparison (feel free to copy the style), then open up these resumes and take a gander.


My most up-to-date resume is my RTF TEXT resume. This Rich Text Format version is openable in Microsoft Word, and this should be useful for those recruiters who like to reformat my resume in their preferred style before presenting me to clients.


If you want a really pretty looking resume, you can print out my PDF,PDF resume. This PDF version is viewable using any application (such as Adobe Acrobat) that reads the Portable Document format.


Lastly, I have a PLAIN ASCII TEXT resume if you find nothing else suitable.

If you would like me to pass along your resume (my personal list of Recruiters is excessively long), send me your own resume. I can think of no better cover letter for your resume than to have my name behind it... California networking style.