My biggest vice is traveling.

And when I travel, I always take a camera.

I love looking through other people's photo albums (it gives a sense of the kind of person I'm dealing with)...

Family pictures, smilin' babies, new boyfriends & girlfriends, drunk-at-a-party photos... but my absolute favorites are pictures to look at are ones taken while traveling. So here I'll share some photos of places I've been in my travels around the world. I don't want to become the neighbor or distant acquaintance who annoys people by showing off and bragging about all the places I've seen. On the contrary, I feel everyone should travel places in the world if they have the time, money and ability.

Between my employments at Apple and Adobe (May, 1997), I went all around Europe.

And for New Year's 2001, I did a two week stint in Brazil.

And the following New Year, I returned to Greece.

I feel very fortunate. I got to do a round-the-world trip in 2003.

So far I've put up pages for India, Egypt, Morocco, Spain, Italy, Austria, Germany, Scandanavia, Hawaii, Hong Kong, Tahiti, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Australia, Thailand, and Cambodia.