Photos of wild birds  by Mae & Len Sander and one other photo.
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  • Baltimore Oriole, Hudson Mills Park, Dexter (MI)
  • Orchard oriole (1st year male), Occoquan Bay NWR, Lorton (VA)
  • Australasian gannet (New Zealand)
  • Blue footed booby (Galapagos)
  • Nazca booby (Galapagos)
  • Brown booby, Pearl Islands, Panama
  • Bushtit, Lake Los Carneros Park, Goleta (CA)
  • Lazuli buntings, Lake Los Carneros Park, Goleta (CA)
  • Black-headed grosbeak, Fortuna Park, Isla Vista (CA)
  • Rose-breasted grosbeak, Hudson Mills Park, Dexter (MI)
  • Scarlet tanager, Hudson Mills Park, Dexter (MI)
  • Northern cardinal, Gallup Park, Ann Arbor (MI)
  • Indigo Bunting, Occoquan Bay NWR, Lorton (VA)
  • Blue grosbeak, Occoquan Bay NWR, Lorton (VA)
  • Tufted titmouse, Ann Arbor (MI)
  • Black capped chickadee, Ann Arbor (MI)