Photos of 480 species of wild birds  by Mae & Len Sander. Alphabetical order by bird families. For example, starting on page 6 there are 44 species of ducks, geese, & swans.

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Produced May 21, 2015

  • Smooth billed ani, Santiago Island Galapagos
  • Black-billed cuckoo, UM Botanical Garden, Ann Arbor (MI)
  • Yellow-billed cuckoo, Occoquan Bay NWR, Lorton (VA)
  • Greater Roadrunner, Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum, Tucson (AZ)
  • Anhinga mating display, Wakodohatchee Wetlands, Boynton Beach (CA)
  • New Zealand pigeon, New Zealand
  • Galapagos dove,Santiago Island (Galapagos)
  • Eared dove, St. Lucia
  • Bar-shouldered dove, Heron Island, Australia March 1998 scan of print
  • Eurasian collared dove, Del Mar (CA)
  • Pale-vented pigeon, Coiba National Park, Panama
  • White-tipped dove, Casa Orquidea, Costa Rica
  • Rock pigeon, Gallup Park, Ann Arbor (MI)
  • Spotted dove, Keauhou, Big Island (HI) Native to Asia
  • Zebra dove, Kalako-Honakohau Park, Big Island (HI) Native to SE Asia
  • Woodpigeon, Vondelpark, Amsterdam, Netherlands