Photos of 480 species of wild birds  by Mae & Len Sander. Alphabetical order by bird families. For example, starting on page 6 there are 44 species of ducks, geese, & swans.

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Produced May 21, 2015

  • Sandhill cranes, Haehnle sanctuary, Pleasant Lake (MI)
  • Whooping crane, Joe Overstreet Rd, Osceola Co. (FL)
  • Gray jay, Maroon Lake (CO)
  • Eurasian magpie Warsaw, Poland
  • Jackdaws, Warsaw, Poland
  • Hooded crow, Warsaw, Poland
  • Western Scrub-Jay, Joshua Tree NP (CA)
  • American crow San Diego (CA)
  • Fish crow, Burke Lake Park, Fairfax (VA)
  • Common Raven, Grand Canyon NP
  • Yellow-billed magpie, Foxen Canyon Road, Santa Barbara Co. (CA)
  • Blue jay, Nichols Arboretum, Ann Arbor (MI)
  • Carrion crow, Leiden, Netherlands
  • Florida scrub-jay, Merritt Island NWR, Titusville (FL)
  • Mexican Jay, Madera Canyon (AZ)
  • Dark-billed Cuckoo, Santa Cruz Island, Galapagos, Ecuador