John Wiltshire-Gordon

PhD Candidate in Mathematics

About Me

I have moved! My new website may be found here.


I am a fifth-year graduate student at the University of Michigan, working with David Speyer. Fall 2016 I will be at ICERM, following which I will be at the University of Wisconsin.


My research interests are in algebra, topology, and combinatorics. I particularly like group actions and representations; usually I just say I study "representation theory." The best is when a group acts on a space and we get an induced action in cohomology.


Online calculator for finitely presented FI-modules and Fin-modules


If you need to compute the simple multiplicities of a finitely presented represenation of the category of finite sets, or if you'd like to compute the eventual behavior of a finitely presented FI-module, try out the online calculator. The calculator uses the algorithm from my thesis for Fin-presentations, and a generalization for FI that relies on recent work of Sam-Snowden. It is currently restricted to the rational numbers. (source code)