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Reviews of Uncertain Science ... Uncertain World

"...Pollack's writing is clear, and should change the way that both policymakers and the general public evaluate scientific developments, especially those associated with global climate change."
Science and Theology News

"Pollack has a pleasant style and a light informative and enlightening account of how science works in practice and how scientists learn to be at ease in an uncertain universe."
Wilson Quarterly

"...a primer in very basic thinking about probability. It should be compulsory reading for journalists - who wouldn't necessarily get to the end voluntarily."
New Scientist

" Uncertain Science...Uncertain World proves that what we don't know is a vital ingredient in science's growth."
ScientificAmerican Book Club

"Pollack's book is one of the best ever written on the subject of uncertainty."

"Pollack provides a tremendous service with his clear exposition of scientific uncertainty."

This is a brilliant book: probably the best in its field since [Carl Sagan's] The Demon Haunted World ... I have rarely seen public understanding of science communication explained as lucidly..."

" Uncertain Science...Uncertain World is extremely well written and compulsive reading."
Educationin Chemistry

"One of the strong points of this book is the author's fusion of his extensive scientific experience and broadly based professional judgment with a keen sense of intellectual propriety and of ethics - not just scientific ethics in the narrow sense, but the ethics of the use of science in support of the broader human enterprise."

"Pollack has written a much needed book which explodes the popular notions about science, whilst using plain English and dispassionate reasoning in order to build up the public's understanding and confidence into how science works." reader

"...this book gets a bonus star because its message is too important to ignore..." reader

"This book should be read by anyone who has ever wondered how there can still be uncertainty in a society as technologically advanced as ours. The writing is clear and engaging and the book is difficult to put down." reader

" excellent popular science book that deserves to be very widely read." reader

"Summing up: Highly recommended - all levels."