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My Research Interests

I am interested in anything that has to do with Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing. I am specifically interested in Information Extraction and Graph based Learning for NLP.

Before joining U of M, I got my master's degree in Computer Engineering from Cairo University and worked for a couple of years as a staff Research Engineer at the Human Language Technologies(HLT) research group in IBM Cairo.

IBM HLT group is a research group interested in Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing. I worked in several Information Extraction projects including semi-supervised/unsupervised relation extraction from unstructured text, semi-supervised event extraction from unstructured text, semantic word clustering, named entity translation, and relation extraction from biomedical data. The work done in those projects was published in several venues and some of it participated and won several evaluations.

My M.Sc. Thesis proposed a new method for the induction of Bayesian networks structures from data. This work has been done under supervision of my thesis adviser Prof. Amir Atiya.

I spent the summer of 2008 working in Yahoo! Research at the Computational Advertising group with Rosie Jones on Geographical Information Retrieval. Some of this work has been published in CIKM GIR 2008 and ACM GIS 2009.

I returned back to Yahoo! in the summer of 2009 to work at the Search Sciences group with Rosie Jones and Benoit Dumoulin on Predicting a Successful Search based on User Behavior.

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