Star Trek Lives On!

Star Trek, STF, and Me

For quite some time I've been a very big Star Trek Fan, although not quite the fanatic about it. I watch the show, read a few tech manuals, and nitpick about various episodes, and argue over various aspects of the show. However, back in the day when I was young and had the energy, I was involved in a unique little Trek club on Prodigy (Classic).

I spent many an hour role playing and chatting and politiking with a few friends over the BBS of Prodigy, and we called our little club STF. How suprised I should be when I find, four years after having to leave, that this same club is STILL around, and now beginning to make a presence on the World Wide Web! Well, to celebrate the discovery that some dreams really don't die, I'm revamping this page to highlight my times there, as well as to help, in my small insignifigant way, promote the club.

STF - a little history

STF started as a club of kids on the Prodigy Classic system in 1991. We were part of the TV, Film, and Video section of The Club, a seperate Bulliten Board System intended for children and young adults. What it grew into is an online Role Playing Game with five years fo history behind it. The early history of STF has been subject of disputed history. If you're interested, here are the firsthand recollections I've managed to collect:

No Regrets: The Jim Midyette Story
The Bourdaa Papers
Empires of the Mind.
This should pretty much explain it ALL.
Jose Monroy's Black April.
Click here to go to STF and join the RPG fun!

Other Star Trek Related Items

A few top ten lists I made up in my spare time.
A batch of NEW top ten lists. (I've got a lot of spare time)
An article I wrote for a local newsletter (it's not very good).
And the Star Trek Club I used to run with while I was here at U of M, The Continuum.
A really cool animated gif I found on the net

But enough about me, and my opinions, dive right on into the pictures!

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