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Sessions 120-129
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Session 120

"I think it might be nice for someone to go and cheer (Grayson) up." -- Whimsy, the ever bitter, to Fiona

"Always stroke the male ego, it makes them more pliable." -- GM
"There are other things that you can stroke." -- Lisamarie
"That don't become more pliable." -- Jen

"Why don't I give Alex Hendrake's head? It could attach itself to his shoulders. That would be fun." -- Whimsy
"It would be fun for us." -- Ishmael

"There are some advantages to (my demon form). I have a long tongue. Of course, I do have fangs, so fellatio would be right out." -- Tamaryn to Felix

"This is why people keep bringing up nipple rings, which (Felix) hates." -- Kris
"Which is funny, because Vixen has them. Not the same ones, of course." -- Jen

"Most people find Capillaria a rather strange place." -- Fiona to Whimsy
"Have you ever been to EuroDisney? (Capillaria) is a lot like that." -- Liam

"(Avalon) is full of people much like myself, your Uncle Bleys, and your Uncle Brand. It's a seat of learning." -- Fiona
"Oh, I thought you were going to tell me it was full of ambitious people bent on taking over the world." -- Whimsy

"I don't think that making giant penises is what I want to do with conjuration." -- Matthew R. to Kris

"Since my life is already in your hands, I suppose I can trust you with my fertility." -- Vixen to Lucien

Session 121

"Boys, how would you like to learn man spit?" -- Felix to Crispin and Donal

"So, Felix spends the morning teaching his children to spit?" -- GM
"Not anywhere my parents can see us." -- Felix

"Where are the women!?!" -- Ishmael
"The chambermaids go scurrying." -- GM

"Meander is not (at the ball)." -- GM
"When your name is Meander, do you ever really show up anywhere?" -- Lisamarie

"No, none of my spells involve protecting my butt." -- Whimsy to GM

"Rule number two: Don't lick your relatives, especially at the dinner table." -- Luther to Ishmael

"Son, you got set up. You've got the full qualities of a Hendrake." -- Luther to Ishmael

"I still haven't fireballed (Bleys) at the dinner table. And I can't do it tonight." -- Whimsy to the group

"Maybe Nimue could help you. Nimue. Nicholas' dead sister." -- Whimsy to Grayson

"Don't worry, Whimsy's with (Mirelle)." -- Matthew R. to Kris

"See, (Mirelle's) happy." -- Whimsy
"She's unconscious." -- Ariana
"So, she's happy." -- Whimsy

"So, Whimsy's talking to Jack buck naked, but when her mom comes in she's covering up?" -- GM
"I had suds. Everything was concealed." -- Whimsy

"The presence in the (demonic book) seems almost malevolent." -- GM
"Duh!" -- Gavin

Session 122

"I may hit on the Avatar of Faerie, I may kill my relatives, I may invite all manner of disaster into Amber, but I will not wear a leather miniskirt to dinner." -- Whimsy to the group

"Have you found a place to have (your kittens) yet?" -- Gavin to Angel
"In the center of the Pattern." -- Kris

"Can I then root around in my own head and root out that which is not normal?" -- Gavin to GM

"If you can't find me, I've probably been kidnapped to Faerie again or beaten senseless by my mother." -- Whimsy to Nicholas

"There are items that warn of danger. Mine has warned me of things like assassins, when my mother got poisoned, and when I got married." -- Whimsy to Gavin

"If you don't come up with a good excuse, I'm going to take your head off. Nothing personal." -- Ishmael to Gavin

"Let's try cutting (Gavin's) head off and see if the (feeling of danger) stops." -- Ishmael to Ariana and Whimsy

"Gavin has a bigger psyche than me." -- Ariana
"That's unfortunate." -- Ishmael
"Don't look at me." -- Felix

"I think (Fiona's) trying to bind Gavin's head." -- Tamaryn to Felix
"Wouldn't it be easier if it was off of his shoulders?" -- Ishmael

"There's still a large smoke spot on the floor." -- GM
"I don't care, it's not my room." -- Whimsy

"I'm not looking for chicks right now, I'm looking for Iseult." -- Ishmael to GM

"You're only 16? Oh shit, I'm a criminal." -- Ishmael to Alexandra

Session 123

"I'm raising an" -- Ishmael to the group

"Ishmael does not have the gift of prophecy." -- GM
"I was raised by Fiona, wasn't I?" -- Ishmael
"So was I, fuckhead!" -- Whimsy

"I will be coronated in six days. I cannot allow a walking menace to roam around the castle." -- Nicholas
"Ah, that I can understand." -- Gavin

"Perhaps (the Chaosites will) want the table in the Great Hall, I understand it's well-renowned." -- Whimsy to Alexandra
"Hey now, I just replaced that!" -- Felix

"If (Whimsy's) getting shoes, what are you doing here today?" -- Alexandra
"Oh, nothing. Just getting out." -- Felix
"The GM told me that plot lay this way." -- Kris, speaking for Felix

"There isn't much point in being sincere when your psyche is so high that no one can tell if you are lying." -- Matthew R.
"We just assume that (Whimsy) is always lying." -- Sean
"(She's) like Mandor that way." -- Kris

"Did Vixen cause you any trouble?" -- Felix
"You mean, did she hit me in the face? Did she leave me unconscious and bleeding on the forest floor? Yes!" -- Whimsy

"Gideon throws a plate of eggs at Felix." -- GM to Liam
"Gérard is going to have a talk with Gideon about wasting food." -- Matt S.

"Briana has a very strong mind for a child her age. Briana has a very strong mind for a child my age." -- Felix to Ishmael

"You're not going to find spectacular (fighters) in Shadow." -- Nicholas
"Then what good is it?" -- Ishmael

"(Ishmael's) not wise, but (he's) not fucking stupid, either." -- Lisamarie
"You're not fucking anything." -- Liam

"You could lose your Trump deck, be without art supplies..." -- Nicholas, explaining why Ishmael might need Pattern when he can draw Trump
"I'll just piss in the snow." -- Ishmael
"Even you're not that talented." -- Nicholas

"I've got something caught in my throat. Oh, that's vengeance." -- Irene to the group

"(The flowers) aren't poisoned?" -- Whimsy
"How would you tell?" -- GM

"Do you notice anything odd about Whimsy?" -- Ariana
"She's smiling."-- Lucien

Session 124

"Gavin, you don't really want to make me your evil arch-nemesis, do you?" -- Fiona
"No, not really." -- Gavin

"I'm the Pattern potato." -- Ishmael to the group

"We're immortal, we get bored." -- Alexandra, explaining various Amberite sexual practices
"I just married a guy and killed him." -- Whimsy

"Fuck all of you! Except for you, Shard!" -- Ishmael to the group

"Driscoll wasn't the one who got et by a dragon, he's the one who fucked a dragon." -- Liam to Matthew

"I don't have a need to play social worker of Amber if Ariana's going to do that." -- Felix to GM

"I hope, for all of our sakes, that (the coronation) finishes before dawn." -- Whimsy to Shard the vampire

"Where are Ishmael, Foster, Driscoll and Laughter sitting, relative to each other?" -- Kris to GM
"Well, Ishmael's by me." -- Lisamarie, Ishmael's player

"So Shard lied to me." -- Ishmael to Teresa
"There's a shock, an Amberite lied." -- Kris

"You know, when I think of Whimsy, I don't think fun-seeking party girl." -- Liam to the group

"Vetch is just a character assassin now. He doesn't kill people, he kills their reputation." -- Lisamarie to the group

"Thanks for watching the children." -- Ariana
"It's Felix you should be thanking." -- Tamaryn
"Thank you Felix. I appreciate that you didn't let them walk the Pattern this time." -- Ariana, to herself

Session 125

"You find some very loyal troops. They're not human, but they're very loyal." -- GM to Ishmael
"You're going to be fighting in Chaos, humanity is overrated." -- Kris

"I don't even know how to use this!" -- Whimsy to the group, after putting on Fiona's Spikard

"I'm going to use (Fiona's) ring while she's unconscious." -- Whimsy
"Well, that would be safer." -- Alexandra

"Form Super Trump Megazord." -- Matt S. to the group

"Has anyone notified your father?" -- Ariana
"Father no longer exists." -- Whimsy

"100 years in Chaos added to my character, and it didn't do a thing for me." -- Whimsy to Nimue

"Mirelle is not my worst parent!" -- Matt S., speaking for Ariana, after she learns that her father is Zane

"The dahlia's like heat." -- Whimsy
"Then what are they doing in your room?" -- Ishmael

Session 126

"You guys are wimps. You should spend your points before you get them." -- George (AKA demon-bait) to the group

"I'll play Whimsy's child." -- Sean
"(Whimsy's) child is dead." -- Matthew R.
"So was (her) husband." -- Sean

"Who all has a high psyche in this game?" -- GM
<Ishmael raises his hand>
"Yeah, right." -- GM

"I build a hotel out of the crabs." -- Alexandra to GM

"I'm a shapeshifter, I don't sunburn if I don't want to." -- Alexandra to Jack

"Deirdre has excellent taste, as a woman or a man." -- GM to Ishmael

"Mom's dead, I get her stuff." -- Ishmael to the group

"You could not fill this house with children in Maddy's lifetime." -- GM
"Is that a challenge?" -- Ishmael

"For all I know, Jack filled the entire Shadow with mutant deer. Little elves, little pixies, mutant deer." -- Whimsy to the group

"No one messes with the daughter of my mother." -- Alexandra to Whimsy

"I don't want Jack's child, I'm not going to have Jack's child." -- Ariana
"And I don't want to have any child, least of all my own." -- Whimsy

"You said you needed a brain." -- Jack to Alexandra
"She still does, but not Whimsy's." -- Kris

"You'd better take (Whimsy) back, she's cranky." -- Alexandra to Jack
"I'm always cranky." -- Whimsy
"Maybe you should try doing something else with your husband (besides killing him)." -- Alexandra

"Resentful wives chop you up and hang you in a meat locker." -- Whimsy to Jack

Session 127

"So, you don't call out for help?" -- GM, as Gavin is being used by a female demon
"What can I say? I'm a man." -- Gavin

Session 128

"I think Alexandra's idea of a prestigious position is (spreading her legs)." -- Matthew R. to the group

"Elspeth is like a little Fiona." -- GM
"Only pleasant." -- Matthew R.

"There's a really pregnant lady on the front steps." -- GM
"Doesn't somebody else let her in?" -- Ishmael

"Meander. Hey, that's who we can get to explore Amber beyond Arden." -- Matt S.
"The blind guy?" -- Sean

"I'm pretending to be asleep." -- Gavin
"You hear an incantation." -- GM
"OK, now I'm up." -- Gavin

"Isn't there some sort of anti-Viagra (Gavin) can take?" -- Sean
"Yeah, Whimsy can pull her top off." -- Matthew R.

"Is everything all right?" -- Guards
"Not even remotely close." -- Gavin, the somewhat shredded

"Go slip (the baby) between Ariana's legs." -- Lisamarie, telling Gavin what to do with his demon child

"(Christopher) is a bitter little boy, right now." -- GM to Felix
"That's a good start for an Amberite." -- Lisamarie

"Bite me, you bed-hopping slut." -- Whimsy to Alexandra
"The sisterly love is just overwhelming." -- GM

"You have big hands with which to pat (Christopher's) back." -- GM to Felix
"Don't pat too hard, they're fragile at that age." -- Lisamarie

"You got Jack, you get everything you slimy bitch." -- Whimsy
"You threw his ring in the privy." -- Alexandra
"And he gave it back, you just don't understand how to play hard to get." -- Whimsy

"You're getting a Trump call." -- GM
"Who is it?" -- Ariana
"It's Brand." -- GM
"I take it." -- Ariana
"Bet you never thought you'd be saying that in this game." -- Sean

Session 129

"(Corbin) has Hellmaids. Women that look like they could break Ishmael." -- GM to the group
"Cool!" -- Ishmael

"Perhaps I'm not singling you out. Perhaps I'm preparing you for a different role." -- Caine to Alexandra
"Whore to the nobility?" -- Kris

"I'm going to have to kill Caine, that's all there is to it." -- Alexandra to the group
"That's one way to get into (Nicholas') inner circle." -- Matthew R.

"My God, she's smiling." -- Jack
"Maybe I just killed someone." -- Whimsy
"Wait! Where's my wife?" -- Jack

"Don't always assume I'm doing a bad thing, or that it's going to blow up in my face." -- Whimsy to Alex and Teresa
"Why not? It's always worked in the past." -- Lisamarie

"I suppose if I were careful..." -- Alexandra to Jack
"Then you'd be a different person." -- Matt S.

"You're an Avatar, can't you do something?!?" -- Alexandra to Jack

"Why would Alexandra want to sleep with her husband when there are so many men she isn't married to around?" -- Kris to the group

"So (Jack's) trying to figure out humans by marrying Alexandra? Bad choice." -- Kris
"Well, he's also having dinner with Whimsy. Oops, wrong choice again." -- GM

"I think I know what position Alexandra aspires to." -- Jack to Whimsy
<Sean spreads his legs>

"I'm trying to find a way to make (Alexandra) happy." -- Whimsy
"You could give her your heart on a platter." -- Jack
"I'm trying to find a way to make both of us happy. Besides, I don't think I have one." -- Whimsy
"A heart?" -- Liam
"A platter." -- Matt S.

"There's a certain rudeness inherit in poisoning someone." -- Whimsy to Jack
"It ruins the food." -- Matt S.

"You're a big galoot." -- Maddy
"Isn't that why you married me? That, and I asked." -- Ishmael

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