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Sessions 130-139
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Session 130

"Bitch!" -- Ishmael to an off-screen Whimsy, just before Ariana pulls him through a Trump contact
"You must have been talking to Whimsy." -- Ariana

"Let's stick (a Faerie Ward) to Alexandra's back. She'll never find it there." -- Matthew R. to the group

"Have you researched the issue?" -- Nicholas to Ishmael
"You can say yes, you've talked to two people." -- Matthew R.

"It involves turning you into a faerie." -- Nicholas, explaining how one gets to Faerie
"Am I still going to like girls after this?" -- Ishmael

"You'd have to ask for it nicely, which Whimsy would never do." -- Matt S. to Matthew R.

"You could leave your kids with your mother." -- Ariana
"What mom? Oh yeah, I keep forgetting I have one." -- Ishmael

"(Whimsy) might be able to stop Ishmael from doing something stupid." -- Kris
"True, but why would (she) want too?" -- Matthew R.

"You can't afford to go crazy now. Save it for later." -- Whimsy
"When this is all over, I won't need to go crazy." -- Ishmael
"That depends on what (the faeries) ask for in exchange for Maddy." -- Ariana
"Shut up!" -- Ishmael

"I've got a picnic basket." -- Alexandra to GM, preparing to go to Faerie
<later on, in the Unseelie Court>
"The others probably know this, but don't eat any of the food here." -- Ariana
"I should have eaten lunch." -- Ishmael
<Alexandra holds up the picnic basket>

"Every time you go to Faerie, they want a child." -- Ariana to the group

"On the plus side, this will lower the intelligence of the Unseelie Court." -- Ishmael to the group, about being forced to father a faerie child

"You know, if you Trump the Avatar of Trump, and it doesn't work, she doesn't want to speak to you." -- Kris to Matthew R.

"We didn't know what the culture was like (in Chaos), we were too busy rolling over it and crushing it beneath our tanks." -- Ishmael to the group

Session 131

"(Gavin) pays taxes? What a sucker!" -- Lisamarie
"This way Nicholas doesn't come after (him)." -- George

"(The point of Iolanta is that) it presents a moral quandary." -- Whimsy to Alexandra
"Oh, now Alexandra's not interested." -- Kris

"My dumbshit sister wouldn't know culture if it bit her in the ass." -- Whimsy to the group
"Yes I would. I'd say, 'Ow! That was culture!'" -- Alexandra

"So what are you doing?" -- GM
"Loving my wife." -- Ishmael
"So two minutes later, what are you doing?" -- Kris

"I don't think that quite falls under the heading of war actions, Whimsy. You kill your enemies, you don't serve them in sauce." -- Nicholas to Whimsy

"If I have to fuck another faerie... Man, I'm telling you, my wife is going to kill me." -- Ishmael thinking out loud to himself

"12-year-old boys spy on girls with boobies." -- Lisamarie
"And (Vincent) chose Whimsy?" -- Matthew R.
"Well, (she) does look like a 12-year-old girl." -- Lisamarie

Session 132

"Now all the world is Faerie? We won't be able to eat the food anywhere!" -- Liam to the group

"I hope you've learned your lesson. The next time you're strapped down to a bed in Fiona's room, and a succubus comes on to you, just say no." -- Sean to George

"I have so much potting to do." -- Whimsy
"So much...?" -- GM
"Potting. Not plotting, potting." -- Whimsy

"Whimsy's marrying a Jesby." -- Jack
"Didn't she eat the last one she married?" -- Alexandra

"Wait until I get my advanced shapeshifting." -- Ariana
"Advanced." *theatrical sniff* "You small thinker." -- Alexandra

"Alexandra says I must play nice." -- Jack
"Oh my God, what did you do to her?" -- Whimsy

"Fiona thinks (Alexandra's) an idiot." -- Kris to Sean
"Fiona thinks everyone's an idiot." -- GM
"(Ishmael) is an idiot." -- Lisamarie

"Can't we just give (Ronan) back to Eric as a dog? I didn't say that." -- Felix to Tamaryn

"(Edwin) honestly does love you." -- Fiona
"Then he's insane." -- Whimsy

"At least you killed the right Jesby." -- Fiona to Whimsy
"Is there a wrong Jesby to kill?" -- Matt S.

"So now the Pattern draws its power from the Amberites." -- GM
"We need more children." -- George
"Hey, I've done my part!" -- Kris, speaking for Ariana
"You've done your part, and my part, and everyone else's part." -- Matthew R.

"Morgan's so social, he'll get a social disease." -- Matt S. to the group

"Call me if there's a problem. Without conjuration, I can't do anything, but I can say, 'Oh dear.'" -- Whimsy to Alexandra

"You know Alex, I never thought you'd be the likable one." -- Ishmael to Alex

Session 133

"Hey, (Ariana) can grow an extra brain now." -- Kris
"Where's the first one?" -- Sean

"(The players) aren't going to destroy the world until dawn, because they're afraid of the vampires." -- GM to the group

"Caine gets up and goes to the window, showing you more of him than you really wanted to see." -- GM
"Oh yeah, that's attractive. Have you ever considered shaving?" -- Whimsy to Caine
"Caine cuts the contact." -- GM

"Oh well, I warned someone. I can go back to bed now." -- Whimsy to the group

"How are you reacting to the big light?" -- GM
"I'm going to stand there and shake my head. Then I'm going to go get breakfast." -- Felix

"(Whimsy) doesn't want revenge on Jack?" -- Liam
"(She's) got revenge - he's married to (her) sister." -- Matthew R.

"Felix, it's kind of a sparsely attended breakfast." -- GM
"More food for me." -- Felix

"You were trying to summon the Turtle, but you only managed to raise Caine." -- Sean to the group

"How do you handle oddity?" -- Lucien
"I lived with Whimsy for 100 years." -- Ishmael

"(Lucien) can imitate Benedict." -- GM to the group
"That's got to be handy." -- George

"Ooh, scrawny necromancer." -- Sean, referring to Gavin
"He's not scrawny." -- George
"You're denying the wrong thing, dude." -- GM

Session 134

"The vampires are draining (Gavin's) resources." -- Sean to George

"I keep forgetting that (Whimsy's) your younger sister." -- Jack to Alexandra
"Because you act so immature." -- Kris, speaking for Jack

"I've always been able to whammy (Nicholas)...not that I do." -- Whimsy to the group

"Don't dice me, I'm fragile!" -- Alexandra, while shapeshifted into Nicholas, to Ishmael

"One of these Nicholases is not like the other." -- Ishmael to Nicholas and "Nicholas" (Alexandra)

"You beat on my sister and don't even invite me?!" -- Whimsy to Ishmael

"As Fiona's children continue their tradition of entertaining the family." -- Sean to the group

"I don't know what was worse, me being naked or Nicholas being in a dress." -- Maddy to Ishmael

"Damn you Mother, you gave me a conscience!" -- Alexandra
"She figured that was about the worst thing she could do to you." -- GM

"I'm trying not to push fate, I'd prefer to have the wedding before I die." -- Whimsy to Flora

"Eric's an idiot, which is why there's a certain appeal to him being on the throne." -- Caine to Whimsy

"I tried to set off one of the vampire's traps last night." -- Gavin
"By walking into it?" -- Ariana
"That's the best way to set one off." -- Gavin

"Last night you turned up as Nicholas wearing a dress!" -- Whimsy
"Get a sense of humor. It was funny!" -- Alexandra

"If my brother's in there, I can't trust you." -- Granny Witherall to Alex
"Even if he's not in there, you can't trust him." -- Kris

Session 135

"Do you think you might want to say something to (Ariana)?" -- Random to Ishmael
"Your place or mine?" -- Sean

"If you don't understand it, it's usually magic." -- Caine to Ishmael
"That would mean a lot of things are magic to Ishmael." -- Sean

"Thanks a lot, Reeshau. You've been very helpful." -- Caine to Reeshau
"That's a first." -- Kris

"The dagger in the spine I can forgive (Caine)...leaving me as Reeshau is calling for more quality time in the 'Tween." -- Alex to the group

"A witch's spell? I didn't know we had witches." -- Maddy
"They're new." -- Ishmael

"So, should I wander around at night and see if (the vampires) come out?" -- Gavin to Caine, Random, Julian and Shard

"Bring (Molly the succubus) to the School of Wizardry, watch enrollment drop." -- Matthew R.
"No, enrollment would be up, grades would be down." -- Sean

"The concern that you're almost displaying is touching." -- Alexandra to Jack

Session 136

"Florimel is like Felix. She never misses a meal." -- GM to the group

"The war council goes late into the night." -- GM
"Well, we can't go home now, so we may as well keep going." -- Ishmael
"The war council is scared to go outside because of the vampires." -- Matt S.

"We could always make Amber a democracy." -- Ishmael
"You'd have to kill all of your uncles." -- Fiona

"I want (Whimsy) to be known as the honorable one." -- Matthew R.
<Everyone gives Matthew incredulous looks>
"Wait, she's never been the nice one, but she's always been the honorable one." -- Matthew R.

"I need an aspirin." -- Random
"Oh, go lick a willow tree." -- Ishmael

"(Ariana) can have a threesome with (her) husband." -- Lisamarie to the group, after learning that Lucien can duplicate himself

"Don't be angry, I filed for divorce." -- Alexandra to Jack

"Surprise! You've just been named the official heir." -- Ishmael
"God damn it!" -- Random

"Being insane isn't reason enough to kill (Nicholas)." -- Ishmael to the group

Session 137

"We'll just Hellsail." -- Felix to Gérard
"Do you really want to sail in Hell?" -- Lisamarie

"(Jack's) trying to get that whole human thing down. He's on to petty." -- Sean
"Yeah, wait until he gets to vindictive." -- Lisamarie

"Well, it's hard to use people if you can't get close to them." -- Alexandra to Jack

"Nicholas bought it." -- Alexandra to Jack
"Nicholas is insane!" -- Everyone

"And you're Nicholas' second. What do seconds do?" -- Maddy
"I have no idea." -- Ishmael
"Maybe you should look it up?" -- Maddy

"As long as (Nicholas and Finndo) show up, and don't start cheating, I won't have to get beaten up by Benedict." -- Ishmael to Maddy

"I'm not trying to defeat (Brand), I'm just going to pick up his unconscious body and throw him in a comfy bed." -- Whimsy to the group

"Note to self: Always check definitions before you use words." -- Ishmael to the group

"We need to get an I.V." -- physician
"I don't understand what good ivy is going to do." -- Whimsy

Session 138

"I examine the note carefully." -- Gavin
"The note doesn't appear to be booby-trapped." -- GM

"(Gavin) earned his money the old-fashioned way. He found it." -- GM to the group

"There's nothing worse than an impotent wizard." -- GM to Alex

"Does my danger sense go off?" -- Felix
"No, your pin does not think the note will jump up and bite your face." -- GM

"Lousy bitch is ruining my life, and she isn't even here!" -- Ishmael to the group, referring to Whimsy

"Of course he meanders, he can't see where he's going." -- Sean to the group, referring to Meander

"I'm not sending my wife to be a witch in Chaos." -- Ishmael
"I can understand that, the commute would be a bitch." -- Meander

"Somehow, I can't see your father prancing around as a faerie." -- Tamaryn to Felix, referring to Gérard

Session 139

"I'll stop them if I have to fuck everyone!" -- Alexandra to the group

"Next time you tie me up, ask first." -- Alexandra to Ishmael

"She cast a fireball at me. She's definitely getting a spanking." -- Matthew R. to the group, speaking for the servants dealing with the faerie children.

"I don't need strategy! I have papier-mâché!" -- Felix to GM

"It is customary in our house for new brides to be tested." -- Claire
"In what way?" -- Whimsy
"Scantron." -- Liam

"Have you ever done this before?" -- GM
"Well...I'" -- Alexandra
"No." -- Kris

"(Ishmael) has 29 points of good stuff." -- Lisamarie
"No wonder (he) kicked the snot out of (Alexandra). That, and having superior stats." -- Sean

"We put (the smokers) in the fireplace and open up the flue." -- Ishmael
"Going to put out the fire first? It is December." -- GM

"At least I didn't tie up some lady in the forest." -- Liam
"That was no lady, that was Alexandra." -- Lisamarie

"Flora seems very good at guessing at your personal style." -- GM to Whimsy
"If I didn't want a man to ever touch me, how would I dress?" -- Lisamarie

"Only Whimsy would have to gain weight to become a faerie." -- Sean to the group

"(The vampires) did not corner me. I went into their trap knowing they were coming. The fact that my trap didn't work..." -- Gavin to the group

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