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Sessions 110-119
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Session 110

"Well, this is the best I can do." -- Masseuse
"Well, I guess this is the best I can expect to feel." -- Vixen

"I allow myself to be lulled into security. Please don't let it be false." -- Vixen to GM

"You have really nasty dreams." -- GM
"That's better than having a really nasty reality." -- Vixen

"How do you tickle a table?" -- Jen to the group

"I can think of one (assassination attempt). And if I can think of one, I can think of two, I just have to think a little longer." -- Merrie to the group

"That part of yourself is in stasis." -- GM to Ariana
"Hey, kill it." -- Merrie
"I'm not going to kill myself!" -- Kris

"You know what, I'm not going to like it if you're not you anymore." -- Laughter to Ariana

"I never had to do work when I was ambassador." -- Alex to Laughter

"Can I still pee?" -- Laughter to GM, after being cursed by an Unseelie faerie

"If you kill me, I'll speak to you not." -- Unseelie faerie to Reeshau

"Do I keep pouting?" -- Vixen the assassin to the group

"Eric made the sword promise on a cold faerie." -- Matt to the group

"Two bodies, one soul, what's a woman to do?" -- Merrie to the group

"You death cursed yourself!" -- Matt to Kris

"There is a solution to all of this. Foster takes Alex's form and makes mad, passionate love to you for the rest of the afternoon." -- Kris
"Yeah, but then I'd have memories of it." -- Merrie

"Suddenly, my eyes are full of dust, and the next thing I know, I was full of lust." -- Laughter to Foster

"I'm not marrying (Alex)." -- Driscoll to Laughter

"I have no dignity left." -- Laughter to Caitt
"You never had any to begin with." -- Kris

"What was the heavy weight, then?" -- Vixen
"(Eric's) medallion." -- Sean

"Bleys, Random and Eric. I wish we had a useful elder here." -- Alex to GM

"Thank God I was not forced to give birth to a puppy under the table." -- Vixen to the group

Session 111

"Malcolm has no reason to not do this, I hope." -- Eric Braun to the group

"Oh come on, I'm an assassin, take me with you!" -- Vixen to Ronan

"The ground starts to shake furiously." -- GM
"I look for worms." -- Ronan

"Why is (Primal Chaos) here?" -- Ronan
"Uh, something happened, sir?" -- Malcolm

"(Kimdyl) didn't die (when I kicked her in the head), and she wasn't Queen then, so it wasn't wrong." -- Felix to the group

"And Felix is blindly babbling on, because he does that." -- Liam to the group

"Felix is learning more about the universe than he ever needed to know." -- Liam to the group

"I don't think (the brothel) has a basement. If it does, then it's wet." -- Vixen to GM
"No, you have a new Rebma room." -- Liam

"What caused the last earthquake?" -- Vixen
"The death of our gods." -- Eric
"I'm going to stop asking questions." -- Vixen

"I'm not being very helpful." -- Alex to GM
"But then again, when are you?" -- Liam

"There's a gaping hole where none should be, and it's not just the plot, this time." -- Eric Braun to the group

"(Ronan) thinks Brand is tapping his mind, so he keeps changing it every few minutes." -- Kris
"He goes to the Laughter school of tactics." -- Eric Braun

"Nicholas, and his entire party, are on the other side of the chasm." -- Brand
"That's where we're going, then." -- Ronan

"What do you want!" -- Ronan
"Uh, you Trumped me." -- Eric

"(Julian's) a jerk, but at least he has style." -- Ronan to GM

"My warriors do not eat ice cream." -- Ronan to GM

"Donal gives me that same look when he doesn't want to eat Brussels sprouts." -- Tamaryn
"Donal's a fool for passing up food." -- Felix

"The bun is in the oven, but the oven isn't on." -- George to the group, referring to the fact that Ariana's pregnant body is in stasis

"I guess you can't have your Caitt and demon too." -- George to the group

"That's right, you were gone when the couch stabbed me." -- Vixen to Ariana

"I made the carpet bleed." -- Vixen to Eric

Session 112

"Well, of course (Lucretia) is happy - that's what's wrong." -- Alex to GM

"For the first time in my life, I don't know what the future holds." -- Tamaryn
"We could send you back to Shadow Earth, where the future holds game shows and romance novels." -- Felix
"Tamaryn punches Felix hard somewhere soft." -- GM
"Maybe not." -- Felix

"I'll marry you, honey, as soon as I divorce my wife." -- Merrie, speaking for Eric, to Vixen

"Elspeth is actually the one who seems to be taking the most after Fiona" -- GM to Laughter
"That's good, we need to replace her." -- Jen

"Elspeth's symbol is an apple on a divided field, half black, half white." -- GM
"She kind of derived her symbol from mine." -- Laughter
"The apple didn't fall far from the tree." -- Liam

"Crispin dives into bed, his mouth going a mile a minute, something about Laughter and a bunch of strangers." -- GM to Felix
"More husbands?" -- Sean

"I've invited you in, what else am I supposed to do?" -- Felix to Laughter's kids
"There's always food." -- Haris
"This one's mine." -- Felix to Isaac

"Is there a (broken Pattern) with wheelchair access?" -- Matt to the group

"(Beauty's) pretty real, for a Shadow." -- Merrie to the group

"So, who's on Brand's side, because we should kill them too." -- Laughter to Eric

"If I'd killed Eric, I wouldn't have been able to flirt my way out of the dungeon." -- Vixen to the group

"Actually, they call themselves Feyans." -- Eric
"Why?" -- Laughter
"Because Avalonians sounds stupid?" -- Eric

"You know, this means (Isabeux's) uterus will eventually grow back." -- Kris
"How many games can you say that in?" -- Eric Braun

"Of course, the Fremen didn't react well to the bagpipes." -- Eric Braun to Matt

"I don't know if I can do this, just because Foster would be horribly betrayed if both of us had sex with dragons." -- Laughter to Driscoll

"Basically, I have to go out and raise an entire crew of battle-ready women, or I have to have sex with a dragon." -- Laughter to Driscoll

"How's a woman going to fit into the King's Guard?" -- Iseult
"I've got the guard." -- Ronan

Session 113

"So, you're marrying your son off for inciting rebellion. What did I do to you?" -- Felix to Eric, upon being told that he's in danger of being married off

"(Angel) feels more at home in the cathouse than the castle." -- Liam to the group

"I wish I hadn't had that turn. Now I'm really ooged out." -- Vixen to the group, after burning a creature of blood out of her lungs

"You wouldn't want me to disappear while you're trying to gain political power through me." -- Alex to Lucretia

"Are you all right?" -- Felix
"No, but I'm getting used to it." -- Ariana

"OK, now what just happened?" -- Eric
"I don't know." -- Felix

"That's right, Bleys is out in Shadow getting carpet for the brothel, and other necessary things." -- Jen to the group

Session 114

"Men in skirts, and the women who love them." -- Sean to the group, about Felix

"I don't want (Ronan) there while I throw a bomb through Lucretia's window." -- Vixen to the group

"Arranged marriages...I don't like them for me, but I could grow to like them once I'm married." -- Felix to the group

"Jalana is Ariana's daughter, she can probably read my every thought. There are farm animals that can probably read my every thought." -- Felix to Tamaryn

"You can't even put that in as a quote, since it would be too much like reality. I mean Amber." -- Jen to the group

"I have Alexandra here, she's coughing up blood. I'm concerned." -- Vixen to Suhuy

"I am going to beat up the cat to prove I'm more of a man than my dog." -- Kris, speaking for Ronan, to Iseult

"If (Gavin) attempts to read my mind, he's going to find one big mass of confusion." -- Vixen to GM

"It's Benedict's knife." -- Vixen
"Maybe you shouldn't have lost it, then." -- Ronan

"They're arranging the marriage in about three months." -- GM
"I only have three months in which to die." -- Ronan

Session 115

"If you are unlucky, and get yourself killed, I will find a way to haunt you." -- Eric
"Isn't that backwards?" -- Vixen

"I have a king to look after." -- Eric Braun
"For. You have a king to look for." -- Matt S.

"I'm a very goal-oriented guy." -- Ronan
"You weren't last night." -- GM
"Yes I was. (Iseult and I) just had two different goals." -- Ronan

"Why are you going?" -- Lucretia
"Because they couldn't find Suhuy." -- Alex

"I've already lost one child to Chaos, two would be embarrassing." -- Lucretia to Alex

"(Whimsy) keeps her glares to herself." -- Matthew R.
"Isn't it hard to glare at yourself?" -- Liam
"She has a mirror." -- Matthew R.

"Do I recognize any of the people who came through?" -- Whimsy
"Laughter." -- GM
"Oh shit, that means they're incompetent, but not evil." -- Whimsy

"I do not want to kill Nicholas. I want him to die, I just don't want to kill him." -- Vixen to GM

"Son, no one has ever accused me of putting much thought or emphasis behind my words." -- Gérard to Felix

"I don't want to get into a conflict with your dead sister." -- Whimsy to Nicholas

Session 116

"Bruce goes over to your bed, lifts up his leg, piddles all over your mattress, and leaves." -- GM to Ronan
"Well, at least he's not stopping you from leaving anymore." -- Kris

"Oh look, (Bart's) mind's just like a walnut, you crack it open and all the yummy stuff is on the inside." -- Whimsy to the group

"I'm all battered. I think I'll go home." -- Whimsy to GM

"Between the workout and the alcohol, I should be able to sleep." -- Ariana to GM
"I could have just hit her on the head, if I'd known that's what she wanted." -- Ishmael

"Ronan, you wake up to the smell of piss." -- GM
"For a minute, I almost think I'm home." -- Ronan

"Stuck? That isn't the sort of word you want to use in the Pattern room." -- Ronan to Fiona

"I had a chunk of Hendrake in my bag. It seems to have escaped." -- Whimsy to Lyss

"How are you going to defend yourself with Pattern against a sword?" -- GM
"I don't know. I'm hoping." -- Alex

"I'm not judgmental in the least." -- Ronan to the group

"I didn't make myself immortal just to be offed by your mother." -- Caitt to Alex

"If I want a husband, I'll conjure one." -- Whimsy to the group

"What wee lass?" -- Matthew R.
"The leader of the rebellion that (Ronan) incited." -- Matt S.
"I did not!" -- Eric Braun

"I'm comforted that the Court assassin appreciates my sense of honor and decorum." -- Ronan to Eric

"If I want to be beaten and humiliated, I can go to Eric." -- Vixen to the group

"This is the same man who put out Corwin's eyes. He can't possibly be having qualms about a little petty arson." -- Eric Braun
"Corwin was his brother." -- Dan

"Just like the two Morgans were a coincidence. Your son, my whore." -- Jen to Kris

"Treason like that could get a man hung." -- Whimsy
"Or married." -- Meyrem

Session 117

"There seems to be a round of betrothals going around." -- Whimsy
"But I did not foment rebellion." -- Felix
"There's still time." -- Whimsy

Session 118

"I wish I knew (Whimsy) was in her room studying, because I'd torch it." -- Alex to GM

"I will have Rénard with me, because I would have Rénard with me, wouldn't I?" -- Jen to GM

"Tamaryn is a tall, half-faerie woman with large, brown eyes." -- GM to Ishmael
"With a very large man standing next to her." -- Felix

"I'm Ariana." -- Ariana
"Pleased to meet you. I'm Irene." -- Irene
"Irene, this is Ariana." -- Felix
"We've met." -- Irene

"Murine knew, but you're not Murine, are you?" -- Felix to Tamaryn

"(Laughter and Foster's) minds have been wiped." -- Nicholas to Felix
"How can you tell?" -- Kris

"Excuse me, I work in there." -- Elaine to Ishmael, after being shoved out of Whimsy's quarters

Session 119

"That's the first thing I'm not going to do. Other things I'm not going to do will be following." -- Ronan to GM

"(Driscoll's) my cousin. Not that that matters." -- Ariana to the group, referring to sleeping with Driscoll
"This is Amber, after all." -- Ronan

"I know (Iseult) is doing something stupid. She's my granddaughter." -- Felix to Ronan

"Now you're all doing something stupid." -- Felix
"No, it's only stupid if we find Brand." -- Ronan

"Perhaps someone should walk (the Pattern) in front of Foster. He had a terrible time the first time." -- Felix to Bleys
"Please don't tell me you said that right in front of Foster." -- Kris
"Oops, I guess I did." -- Liam

"Felix, this is Ronan." -- Ronan, as the Trump contact opens
"I see that." -- Felix

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