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Session 50

"Are (Orrin's servants) all mindless drones?" -- Caitlin
"No, one of them is Jubal." -- GM
"Who is a mindless drone, correct?" -- Caitlin

"If we let (Melanie) believe she killed (Benedict), maybe she'll be happy." -- Laughter to Archi

"Your arrival coincides with the dawn of day. As opposed to the dawn of night." -- GM to Melanie

"Does there have to be contact for psychic contact?" -- Caitlin to GM

"This is unforeseen, so I will allow it." -- Sand to Claudio

Session 51

"Claudio's diary - Moor or less." -- Dwinn to the group
*thwap* -- group to Dwinn

"You walk into a horde of harpies. Drawing your sword seems like a good idea." -- GM to Claudio

"I suspect that the King will be using the Jewel, for stuff." -- Caitlin to Sky

"So, what do you want me to do?" -- Ulysses
"What do you want me to do?" -- Laughter
"Which one of us is the Queen?" -- Ulysses

"A laser bolt emits from the mecha." -- GM
"Can I dodge?" -- Claudio
"It's light, dude!" -- GM

"Let's go in alphabetical order." -- GM
"Oh, thanks!" -- Ulysses

"You're the one who had sex with the Unicorn." -- Claudio
"I didn't know everyone knew about that." -- Dworkin

"What's going on?" -- Claudio
"It's just the end of the world. Don't worry, we'll rewind now." -- Dworkin

"What kind of bed is this?" -- Ulysses
"A very big bed." -- GM
"Must be my bed." -- Ulysses

"There's a difference between undead and having no soul, isn't there?" -- Ulysses to Archi

"Laughter looks very confused, all of a sudden." -- GM
"All of a sudden?" -- Sean
"More than usual!" -- GM

"I shuffle out Ulysses' card under the table, and say, 'Ulysses.'" -- Claudio to GM
"So, you're looking at your crotch, and mumbling, 'Ulysses.'" -- Sean

"That would explain the pain that you see in (Archi's) eyes." -- Ulysses to Laughter
"That pain will appear in the eyes of anyone who's married to Laughter." -- Sean

Session 52

"Oh great, now (Fey is) going to divide the human race into two groups - people who are menstruating, and people who aren't." -- Dann to Sean

"Go get the King. I'll be right with you. In fact, I'll go with you." -- one page to another, upon finding Fey outside Archi's quarters

"There are eight legs in this room?" -- Fey to GM
"Good God, it's a spider!" -- Dann

"Something, kind of in your pants, is glowing." -- GM to Archi
"What are those, the Crown Jewels?" -- Sean

"Oh, by the way, thanks for messing with my mind yesterday, it was really helpful." -- Laughter to Ulysses

"Jousting. Where two people sit on horses and run at each other with sticks?" -- Archi to Random
"(In Chaos), they are their own horses." -- Dwinn

"You know that my sword and my life are yours." -- Archi
"Good. Handy in a Crown Prince." -- Random

"Dakota Smooth is too smooth for words." -- Dwinn
"So is a good bowel movement." -- GM

"The Rapist of Rebma and the Butcher Queen of Foil." -- Ulysses to Flora
"Sounds like a tag team." -- Dwinn

"Bootie." -- Fey
"I don't swing that way, rat-dog!" -- Ulysses

"You're only one year old, we're seven years in the past." -- Ulysses
"How inconvenient." -- Beauty
"Isn't it, though? And here I thought I wasn't going to be able to have sex with you." -- Ulysses

"Claudio is to be your bodyguard? Well, it could have been worse. It could have been Merlin." -- Archi to Sky

"Do you think that (Archi) would let me stand trial in a foreign country where they bare their breasts to anyone?" -- Laughter
"I really don't think that's relevant." -- Sky

"The next time Dworkin appears before me in that white light, I'm going to choke the hell out of him." -- Archi to Laughter
"Why do I think that's not what's going to happen?" -- Dann

Session 53

"Laughter, are you sure you want a boy that young watching the children?" -- Archi
"Beatrice is too young for that, yet." -- Laughter

"Claudio." -- Random
"Random." -- Claudio
"Um, that's your Majesty." -- Wendi
"Not to him. Archi is His Majesty. Random's just some dead guy." -- Kris

"You learn something new every day, it's just not often that you learn it from your air-head wife." -- Ulysses to Archi

"(Fey) is being very still, and not using anything that might require oxygen." -- GM
"Like its brain." -- Sean
"Hey, that's Laughter." -- GM

"I thought you had (Foil) better patrolled than this?" -- Archi
"Don't talk to me, the universe ended under your reign." -- Laughter

"(Laughter) didn't mean kill him, kill him, just kill him." -- Laughter to the group, about killing Brenner

Session 54

"Am I acting appropriately stupid?" -- Archi to Fiona

"I know you're in the forest of Arden, I'm not dumb, but where are you?" -- Claudio to Julian

"I put the ring on. Do I die, or anything bad?" -- Claudio to GM

"Have you ever known Fiona to fail?" -- Archi
"Not that I would admit to." -- Random
"At least in public." -- Archi

"We've decided that you would be the best at the two-sworded fight." -- Archi to Caitlin
"You being the only one of us who fights with two swords." -- Dann

"I estimate (Claudio's) size as best as possible, and conjure him up a long one." -- Archi to GM

"I'm sure in the Book of the Unicorn it says 'Thou shalt not eat snake.'" -- Laughter
"I dunno, I think it's kind of ironic." -- Archi

"I'm not going to strip the King's granddaughter." -- Claudio to ?
"Well, maybe if you ask nicely." -- Dwinn

"Oh. Bleys. The great communicator." -- Fiona
"I understand he communicates very well." -- Caitlin
"Only in the horizontal language." -- Fiona

Session 55

"I've sent many people to the baths before, and have they ever come out...doing each other?" -- Laughter to Archi

"Ever dance with the Rat Dog in the pale moonlight?" -- Dann
"You mean sunrise." -- Wendi

"I think Fiona has the ability to sense when people are pregnant." -- Caitlin to Melanie

"Well, Random's balls just crawled." -- Wendi to the group

"Did Laughter back down when the na siogai started throwing porridge? No! And she's not going to back down now!" -- Ulysses to the group, on Laughter's motherly trials with Beauty

"I wish my brows could knit. I'd never have to buy another sweater." -- Dann to GM

"You are the most stubborn woman." -- Kaedric
"You are one to talk." -- Melanie
"Yes, but I am not a woman." -- Kaedric

"Are you sure you don't want me to go help Ulysses oil up?" -- Laughter
"No, I'm confident Ulysses is good enough at oiling himself." -- Archi

"Dworkin said to befriend (Orrin)." -- Ulysses
"Are you sure he didn't say behead him?" -- Claudio

"I gave (Orrin his scalp) back. I replaced my divot." -- Caitlin to the group

"Scalping someone tends to take a lot out of you." -- Caitlin to Aelle

Session 56

"You're the King." -- Claudio
"No, Claudio, I am not. That was in the future, remember?" -- Archi

"You must either impregnate (the Jezetti) or kill her." -- Kaedric
"Do I have to do that here?" -- Claudio

"Caitlin, I have a Jezetti in my bedroom." -- Claudio
"Congratulations." -- Caitlin

"Where do you Trump (Fey)?" -- GM
"Very far away." -- Ulysses
"That would be Amber?" -- GM
"No, that's too close to Amber." -- Ulysses

"I'm not sleeping with you to have sex with you." -- Kaedric to Melanie

"I must not have noticed when my arm grew back." -- Benedict to Caitlin

"If I can't cut (Orrin's) head off, I guess I'll have to do the befriending thing." -- Claudio to GM

"Well, Laughter keeps giving me chocolates, so I don't trust her." -- Orrin to Claudio

Session 57

Do you ever get drunk with Orrin?" -- Claudio to Caitlin

"If that many people knew, then more of them would know." -- Caitlin to Melanie

"You may have me there, but I don't think you do." -- Kaedric to Claudio

"What would you think if I started flirting with other pretty women?" -- Archi
"I haven't been flirting with women." -- Laughter

"You do get the opportunity to watch your future competitor win or lose. Well, I guess it would be win." -- GM to Claudio

"You are in a dark place. You can't tell where it is, because it's dark." -- GM to Caitlin

"I'd prefer you didn't send assassins after me, since I'd just have to kill them." -- Caitlin to Cymnea

"I follow and behead (Cymnea). That should pretty much kill her." -- Caitlin to GM

Session 58

"Congratulations." -- Charlotte Sawall
"For what?" -- Ulysses
"For losing to a Sawall. I don't suppose you follow the ways of the Jezetti?" -- Charlotte

"How did (Corliss) kill (Garrett in the two-sword competition)?" -- Dwinn
"With a sword!" -- Dann

"You should ask Sandr about (why I won't kill), sometime. Not that he'd know." -- Ulysses to Caitlin

"I had a conversation with Ulysses." -- Caitlin
"That seems poorly chosen." -- Benedict

"You should be in demon form if you can do that." -- Jalen Atherton
"Baby, this is my demon form." -- Ulysses

"My wife is dangerous." -- Archi
"She would be if she had two thoughts to rub together." -- GM
"Isn't that the basis of our marriage?" -- Archi
"What, we're each a thought?" -- GM

"Am I appropriately attired?" -- Melanie
"Yeah. We won't be keeping our clothes on for long, anyway." -- Laughter
"What!" -- Melanie and Caitlin

"This is the kind of thing I can take my clothes off for." -- Melanie to Laughter.

"If you're done gawking, could you give me something?" -- Caitlin
"I don't think you want me to give you what I've got." -- Merlin

"Here. A side effect of being licked by the Serpent." -- Archi to Random, as he hands Random the Jewel

"I have seen the enemy, and it has licked me." -- Archi to Random

"Benedict has a problem with relatives...meeting the dark." -- Merlin to Caitlin

Session 59

"I don't say anything as I faint." -- Caitlin to GM

"What is (Melanie) upset with you about now?" -- Claudio
"That whole Serpent thing. Women are so unreasonable." -- Kaedric

"There was no chance that the Serpent would have eaten everyone in the wedding party." -- Kaedric to Claudio

"What happened?" -- Caitlin to ?
"I can't tell you right now." -- Shade
"Well, I don't ask the COMATOSE GUY!" -- Dwinn

"Was it a fake?" -- Dwinn
"How would you tell?" -- GM
"Wendi said so." -- Dwinn

"I'm sorry, Laughter." -- Archi to Laughter
"I didn't mean to get stabbed in the chest." -- Dann

"Ghosts and Shadows"
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