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Session 60

"It was a fairly successful mission. Claudio got better, and I came back to life." -- Archi to Random

"Did (Aelle) really say 'butt?'" -- Dwinn
"She said it in Thari, so it comes out OK." -- GM
"Everything sounds better in Thari." -- Wendi

"Hey, I've been successfully neutered, it's not my problem any more." -- Archi to the group

"Oh, what's the worst that's happened to (Archi) recently, a cracked rib and death?" -- Shade to Wendi

"Oh, there's a choice. Ask the six-year-old who he wants to pick: the people who've raised him from birth, or the tall, forbidding black man." -- Kris
"I know, but it's the only honorable way to get out of raising my son." -- Shade

"You know, if you get slapped on the back while making that face, it'll stick that way. But then again, with your wife, that may not be so bad." -- Ulysses to Kaedric

"Babies require lots of changing, and feeding. You're a prince of Amber, you can hire someone to do that." -- Caitlin to Claudio

"Benedict is still respected in Chaos." -- Merlin to Caitlin
"I don't know if respected is the right word for it." -- Dann
"Feared." -- Kris and Dwinn, in unison

Session 61

"Literature is dead. Torture is alive and well." -- Dwinn to the group

"I don't like playing with myself." -- Beauty to Ulysses

"(Vialle's) a Rebmite, she drinks like a fish." -- Random to Archi

"Broke my finger off in the lock!!" -- Dann, speaking for Caitlin, to the group

"Yeah, time flows differently in my womb than in the rest of Shadow." -- Kris, speaking for Caitlin, to Merlin

"Claudioways are erect." -- GM to Claudio

Session 62

"(Merlin) Logruses away, and ten minutes later you have breakfast." -- GM to Caitlin
"And someone out in Shadow is going 'Fuck!'" -- Kris

"I'm glad to see that my information network is so vigilant." -- Caitlin
"All someone needed to do was listen at your door for a couple of minutes." -- Orrin
"You might not want to do that anymore." -- Caitlin

"If you want company, you know who I am." -- Orrin to Caitlin

"(Claudio's) had sex twice with women who lived beyond it." -- Shade to the group

"I'm just keeping a little consistency, so I can slip in other areas." -- GM to the group

"Note to self: tone down the peyote next time." -- Archi to GM

"I think it was the return of his arm that tipped (Benedict) off." -- Caitlin
"He's always been smart that way." -- Fiona

"(Swayvill) rejected his house. They died." -- GM to Caitlin

"But Wendi, I am your wife. Every time I steal Laughter, I steal myself!" -- GM to Wendi

"I'm sorry, this is how Chaos works. No sex, no food!" -- GM to Caitlin

"One of the accepted forms of torture is to torture (Laughter's) mother slowly in front of her." -- Caitt
"Are you up for that?" -- Archi
"Well, as long as you don't torture me slowly in front of her." -- Caitt

"I have to order Benedict around!" -- Claudio
"You have to pretend to order Benedict around. Let's be realistic." -- GM

"I don't think I want to be behind a giggling Benedict." -- Archi
"It's better than being in front of him." -- Claudio

"I slam (the na siogai) against the wall. Is he still conscious?" -- Claudio
"You killed him, dude." -- GM
"I grab me another one." -- Claudio

"(Merlin) tilts you back and gives you a devastating kiss." -- GM
"I'm devastated." -- Caitlin

Session 63

"I did this before, and I won. I just forgot something this time." -- Laughter to Archi

"Your demon form is most inauspicious." -- Kaedric to Claudio

"Archimedes lost his wife, again." -- Claudio to Kaedric
"That's it, I'm buying a leash and a collar." -- Archi

"My ancestors cut off (Benedict's) arm." -- Merlin
"How nice for them." -- Caitlin

"I'm talking about seats on the Council." -- Caitlin
"I'm talking about deathtraps. Which is about the same thing, I guess." -- Orrin

"It's Kaedric. Granted, I killed him once, but I doubt I'll get the opportunity to do so again." -- Orrin to Caitlin

"It was understood (that Aelle would shift me back)." -- Archi to Laughter
"In the same way that anything with Archi is understood. You understand that if you don't do what he expects you to do, he'll find you." -- Kris

"I see no problem with sitting on your seat." -- Claudio to Kaedric

"It'll be 15 minutes before I reach the point at which I furthest got the first time I went down." -- Caitlin to Orrin

"That was cool, I made (a groin vault) with my fingers." -- GM to the group

"To play this game, you've just got to be willing to do stupid stuff." -- Dwinn to Shade

"Faeries don't sleep with men, unless they're women Faeries." -- Laughter to Archi

"When you dump pig shit on someone's head, they won't help you out." -- Dwinn to the group

Session 64

"Red hair doesn't exist in your Shadow, either?" -- Steve to Dan
"Hey, it's the Shadow of Nazi cavemen." -- Dann

"Bleys seems to have thrown a large, roasted something in front of (the dog's) path. Well, actually, an unroasted roast something." -- GM to Killian

"(Walking the Pattern) is the hardest thing anyone has ever done. You might die." -- Corwin
"I haven't died yet." -- Killian

"Don't stop. And if you can, don't ever bleed on it." -- Corwin to Killian, on how to walk the Pattern

"If you come along peacefully..." -- Claudio to Killian
"I won't have to be hurt." -- Steve, speaking for Killian

"Gérard is lying at the center (of the broken Pattern), with his stomach cut open, his bowels exposed, and birds pecking at him" -- GM
"So he's dead." -- Ulysses

Session 65

"I'm going to have dinner now, and I'm not going to kill you today." -- Sky to Claudio

"Claudio would not make a good Dread Pirate Roberts." -- Wendi
"Moor's the pity." -- GM
*groan* -- all the players

"Where is Archi without pain?" -- Wendi
"Fucking Laughter in Foil." -- Shade
"No, without pain." -- Dan

"Kaedric drilled that into my head. Don't do stuff that you know you can't do. You know, don't go walk the Logrus just because you're bored one day." -- Claudio to the group

"We need to speed on through this confrontational stuff, so we can get on to the plot." -- GM to the group

"Must...have...penis!" -- Kris, speaking for Corwin, to the group

"I hit (Kaedric) with his brother." -- Killian to GM

"Prince Benedict dislikes your face." -- GM
"Well, naturally, I change it at once." -- Niccolo

"You know, Claudio, one of the things that helps a relationship is communication." -- Laughter to Claudio
"My wife, the hypocrite." -- Archi

"Better parenting through sorcery." -- Claudio to GM

Session 66

"Since we can follow our trail back, there's no reason why we shouldn't follow Random. I'm a little worried about that sheep." -- Ulysses to Fiona

"Can I help you?" -- librarian
"Ah yes, I'm looking for a book." -- Bleys
"Well, this is a good place to start." -- librarian

"All right, Fiona, you either conjure us some pussy, or we take yours." -- Ulysses to Fiona

"These are not horses for eating, these are horses for riding." -- Sky to Killian

"If it were Monty, he would've gotten a T-shirt that said 'I got tongued by Fiona, and I had to make my damn T-shirt.'" -- Dann to the group

"How did you recognize me for what I was?" -- Archi
"You had no clothes on." -- devoted acolyte

"What do you mean by terrible accident, and are you dead?" -- Laughter to Archi

"What is Amber doing for you in your time of need?" -- Niccolo
"Well, they sacrificed their king to us, I think that's enough." -- Kellynth ambassador

"I probably couldn't take your souls, anyway." -- Death
"That's something you probably shouldn't be telling us." -- Ulysses

"You all come out to the car, and (Fiona) smiles at you. 'Shotgun!'" -- GM to Ulysses

"How hard could it be to tear the fabric of reality?" -- Ulysses to Fiona

"We're three of the most powerful people in the universe, why can't we just get the fuck out?" -- Ulysses
"Some of us are the most powerful people in the universe." -- Fiona, looking at Random

Session 67

"You see Claudio approach you with a sword. He lops your head off. You're dead." -- GM
"I don't suppose I can kill him before I die?" -- Melanie

"What was that for?" -- Laughter, after Archi kisses her
"Because I was happy to see you right now, instead of ten seconds from now." -- Archi
"That means you can die again." -- Laughter

"Just remember in the future, when you want to kill me again, you can, so be gentle." -- Archi to Laughter

"(Kaedric) may be shapeshifting broken fingers, but he's not smoking." -- Claudio to GM

"What did Archimedes do this time?" -- Claudio
"He got his soul back." -- Laughter

"And now (Melanie's) Logrus mad. She bit us several times. It wasn't pleasant." -- Claudio to Laughter

"Do they have last names where you're from?" -- Flora
"You couldn't pronounce it." -- Niccolo
"My tongue is quite dexterous, I assure you." -- Flora

"(Killian) would calm down if (Archi) castrated him." -- Wendi
"Not really." -- Dan

"(Ulysses) gives (Laughter) an 'I kissed your mom' look." -- Dann
"I'm afraid you'll have to role-play that, Dann." -- GM
"But I've never kissed your mom!" -- Dann

"Killian seems to be rather fond of your wife." -- Random
"OK, Killian's coming with us." -- Archi

"(Kris) is in character. It's hard to tell, sometimes." -- GM to the group

Session 68

"Are you interested in information about Sky's whereabouts?" -- Ulysses
"No." -- Corwin
"Well, on a different tack, would you like to help me get into the barred Shadow where she's being held?" -- Ulysses

"(Archi's) too stupid to die." -- Ulysses
"That, I'll buy." -- Laughter

"Why would I steal the key, when I can just ask you, and you'll go get it for me?" -- Ulysses
"Do you think you could just steal the key next time? I value my sleep." -- Random

"Don't touch me there." -- GM to Kayla

"I know it's late at night. I wouldn't have interrupted your whoring if it wasn't important." -- Ulysses to Bleys

"Was that the ambush you were expecting?" -- Steve
"No." -- Dan
"It was the ambush you weren't expecting, then, which makes it much more affective." -- Steve

"I don't think alibis will stand up in court." -- Random to Niccolo

"Do you want the good news or the bad news?" -- Ulysses
"The bad news." -- Corwin
"Sky is holding a knife to Killian's throat at your Pattern." -- Ulysses
"And the good news?" -- Corwin
"I know where they are." -- Ulysses

"Hey, most of the women in my bed are willing." -- Corwin to Ulysses

"Only in the Strangeways could Ulysses not get lucky." -- Dann to the group

Session 69

"Three children? Man, this keeps getting worse and worse." -- Claudio to GM

"I turn and leave." -- Killian
"You notice as you leave that the water of the lake is parting." -- GM
"I turn and leave faster." -- Killian

"I'm stuck in Gawain's World." -- Shade speaking for Killian, after the appearance of the Green Knight

"I offer you a better weapon - the code of chivalry allows me to do no less." -- the White Knight to Killian
"I kill him." -- Killian to GM

"How come Claudio gets competent children, and I get incompetent ones?" -- Wendi
"Laughter." -- Jason

"I know this. Laughter told me." -- Claudio
"I see that we have the same spies." -- Kaedric

"What are you doing here?" -- Archi
"I've been sent to rescue you." -- Ulysses
"For once, I'm not in trouble." -- Archi
"Not yet, but you will be, and when that happens, I'm here to get you out of it." -- Ulysses

"They warned me about blindness, but I have no idea what causes this kind of thing." -- Ragnar, upon seeing the guy with flaming hair and rooted feet
"That blindness thing is a myth." -- Ulysses

"Hey, just for laughs, ask him what Archimedes is going to ask. Let's see if he knows." -- Ragnar to Ulysses
"No! Untenable...GM...situation..." -- GM

"Killian has part of your soul, and you have part of his, so let's go down to dinner." -- Laughter to Archi

"If you want to sleep with my grandmother, that's OK." -- Beauty to Ulysses

"Ghosts and Shadows"
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