Math 115: Calculus I

Instructor: Dondi Ellis

East Hall 4848


Section 025 meets Winter semester 2015 TWF 2:30--4:00 pm in 3448 Mason Hall.

Our section is only one of many sections of Math 115. The Main Math 115 Web Page contains nearly everything you need, including syllabus, assignments, exam dates and the grading scheme. There are some minor differences between sections. In ours, ATTENDENCE IS REQUIRED and we will have a quiz AT LEAST ONCE A WEEK, as well as short unannounced "pop" quizzes from time to time. No make up quizzes will be given in class; however, your lowest two scores will be dropped, and there are many opportunities given for gaining back points from quizzes for students who check the Daily Update every day. I reserve the right to lower the grade of any student who misses an excessive number of classes.

Math 115 is a first course in Calculus at the college level, which is different than high school calculus, even if you took an AP course. This is an extremely hard class, and the "curve" is tough. You need to be very discplined to get a good grade. If this class seems too difficult for you, please do consider taking math 105.

Office hours: Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Fridays after class in my office, and in the math lab on Wednesdays 12-1. In addition, you can visit any staff member in the math lab for help whenever it is open. I am available also by appointment if you need me and can't make regular office hours.

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Daily Update

EXAM INFO: Exam Location, Past Exams, and Other study Tips . Note, you are allowed a "Cheat Sheet" which you can actually bring to the exam, as long is it is 3 by 5 inches or smaller (you may write on the front AND back).

Link to Assignments Page on Main 115 website Includes Team Assignments and WebWork link! If you want a good grade, do the webwork as soon as it opens---do not wait a week until just before it closes.

While your exams will not be in multiple choice format, I believe that the old AP exams are a great resource for testing key concepts. If you use these resources make sure you can justify your answer choice and are not simply using elimination when possible. Here is a collection of official old AP exams, and here are some good Calculus questions as well. You will want to focus on AB questions as opposed to BC questions.

QUIZZES: Quiz 1, Quiz 1 solutions, Quiz 2, Quiz 2 solutions


Classwork from Jan 7, Classwork from Jan 9 , Classwork from Jan 13, Classwork from Jan 14, Classwork from Jan 16, Classwork from Jan 20 , Classwork from Jan 21 , Classwork from Jan 23 , Classwork from Jan 27


Team Work Grading Rubric: grade your own teamwork before turning it in!

Team Homework Groups

How to turn in your Team Homework

Team Homework 1: Due

First Day of Class Handout

Section Component of your Grade

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***I have based much of the format of this course on Karen Smith's 115 course page.***