The One and Only 1 Page

The One and Only 1 Page

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The digit 1 has been called "The loneliest number," yet many organizations, including sports teams, companies and countries take pride in calling themselves "Number 1." This page, part of The Digits Project, is dedicated to the investigation, analysis, and discussion of the paradoxical digit 1.


It appears that some organization has it out for the great digit 1. Try searching using any of the big name search engines for the word "one" or the digit "1" and you will receive NO (that's zero) sites listed. Don't speak to anyone, we don't know how far this conspiracy has gotten. Act natural, and check in for periodic updates.

Thank you.

One Fact: One is a homonym of "won" and kind of sounds like the name "Juan"

"If they give you ruled paper, write the other way" - A meaninful sentiment expressed by Juan Ramon Jimenez as quoted in Farenheit 451

Did you know?

* One is the only digit that, when pronounced in english has exactly the same number of syllables as its value.
* All good fairy tales start with "Once upon a time"
* All prime numbers are divisible by only one and themselves

One Fact: One is an important part of the numbers 71, 9152, and 1211.
Project: Try to think of other numbers that include the digit 1?

Television Shows with 1 in the title (sort of)

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