Photo of Daniel Eisenberg

Daniel Eisenberg

Associate Professor, Department of Health Management & Policy
Director, PhD Program in Health Services Organization & Policy
Principal Investigator, The Healthy Minds Network


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Current manuscripts under review:

Eisenberg, D., Golberstein, E., Whitlock, J.L. Peer Effects on Risky Behaviors: Evidence from College Roommates. Journal of Health Economics. (revised and resubmitted)

Kilbourne, A.M., Goodrich, D.E., Clogston, J., Bauer, M.S., Waxmonsky, J.A., Lukas, C.V., Neumann, M.S., Lai, Z., Kim, H.M., Eisenberg, D., Pincus, H.A., Thomas, M.R. The Recovery-Oriented Collaborative Care Study: Description and Baseline Results of a Cluster Randomized Controlled Trial of Two Implementation Strategies. Implementation Science. (submitted)

Golberstein, E., Eisenberg, D., Downs, M.F. Spillover Effects in Health Services Use: Evidence from Mental Health Care using First-Year College Housing Assignments. (submitted)

King, C.A., Eisenberg, D., Zheng, K., Czyz, E., Kramer, A., Horwitz, A., Chermack, S. Online Suicide Risk Screening and Brief Intervention with College Students: A Pilot Randomized Controlled Trial. Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology. (submitted)

Lipson, S.K., Eisenberg, D. Social Networks, Mental Health, and Help-seeking: Evidence from a Natural Experiment on College Campuses. (submitted)

Peer-reviewed publications:

Dopp, R.R., Lipson, S.K., Eisenberg, D. (2013). Mental Health among Late Adolescents and Young Adults from a Population-level and Clinical Perspective. Adolescent Medicine: State of the Art Reviews. (forthcoming)

Kapinos, K., Yakusheva, O., Eisenberg, D. (2013). Obesogenic Influences on Young Adults: Evidence from College Dormitory Assignments. Economics & Human Biology. (forthcoming)

Czyz, E., Horwitz, A.G., Eisenberg, D., Kramer, A., King, C.A. (2013). Self-reported Barriers to Professional Help-seeking among College Students at Elevated Risk for Suicide. Journal of American College Health. (forthcoming)

Yakusheva, O., Kapinos, K., Eisenberg, D. (2013). Estimating Heterogeneous and Hierarchical Peer Effects on Body Weight Using Roommate Assignment as a Natural Experiment. Journal of Human Resources . (forthcoming)
Eisenberg, D., Golberstein, E., Whitlock, J.L., Downs, M.F. (2013). Social Contagion of Mental Health: Evidence from College Roommates. Health Economics, 22(8):965-986.

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Unpublished working papers:

Eisenberg, D. (2010). Economic Evaluation of the Intensive Supportive Foster Care (ISFC) program in Wayne County (MI).

Eisenberg, D. (2005). Are Eighth Graders in Schools with Older Students More Likely to Smoke and Drink?

Eisenberg, D. (2004). Peer Effects: Do They Really Exist?

Eisenberg, D. (2003). Are We Substituting Between Heart Disease Risks?

Non-refereed publications:

Eisenberg, D., and Neighbors, K. (2007). Economics of Preventing Mental Disorders and Substance Abuse among Young People. (Report commissioned by National Research Council and Institute of Medicine Committee on the Prevention of Mental Disorders and Substance Abuse among Children, Youth and Young Adults) (This report served as the basis for much of Chapter 9 on Benefits and Costs in the final IOM report).

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