daniel almirall

Daniel Almirall

Research Assistant Professor
Survey Research Center
Institute for Social Research
University of Michigan

dalmiral [arroba] umich [punto] edu
(734) 936 3077
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Statistical Reinforcement Learning Lab, Univ of Michigan.
The Methodology Center, Penn State University

Colleagues: Billie Nahum-Shani; Susan A. Murphy
Students: Xi (Lucy) Lu; Hwanwoo (Josh) Kim (undergrad)

Research Interests

Methodological Interests: My current methodological research interests lie in the broad area of causal inference. I am particularly interested in methods for causal inference using longitudinal data sets in which treatments, covariates, and outcomes are all time-varying. I am also interested in developing statistical methods that can be used to form adaptive interventions, sometimes known as dynamic treatment regimes. An adaptive intervention is a sequence of individually tailored decisions rules that specify whether, how, and when to alter the intensity, type, or delivery of treatment at critical decision points in the medical care process. Adaptive interventions are particularly well-suited for the management of chronic diseases, but can be used in any clinical setting in which sequential medical decision making is essential for the welfare of the patient. They hold the promise of enhancing clinical practice by flexibly tailoring treatments to patients when they need it most, and in the most appropriate dose, thereby improving the efficacy and effectiveness of treatment.

Study Design Interests: In addition to developing new statistical methodologies, I devote a portion of my time to working with clinical scientists and behavioral health researchers to design sequential multiple assignment randomized trials (SMARTs). SMARTs are randomized trial designs that give rise to high-quality data that can be used to develop and optimize adaptive treatment strategies.

Substantive Interests: As an investigator and methodologist in the Institute for Social Research, I take part in research in a wide variety of areas of social science and treatment (or interventions) research. I am particularly interested in the substantive areas of mental health (depression, sleep disorders), obesity, and substance abuse, especially as related to children and adolescents.

Key words: causal inference, propensity score methods, marginal and structural nested mean models, methods for longitudinal data analysis, health services research, mental health, substance abuse, obesity, dynamic treatment regimes, adaptive treatment strategies, sequential multiple assignment randomized trials, adaptive implementation interventions

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Daniel Almirall, PhD
2460 Institute for Social Research
426 Thompson Street
University of Michigan
Ann Arbor, Michigan 48104-2321


At the UCLA Kasari Autism Research Lab, February 2015.
L to R: Charlotte DiStefano, Wendy Shih, Ya-Chih "Jilly" Chang, Ansel Almirall (son), me, Connie Kasari, Stephanie Shire.

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