Tianshuang Wu

Greetings! This is Tianshuang Wu. I'm a Ph.D candidate at the Department of Statistics at University of Michigan. My advisor is Professor Susan Murphy.

My primary interest is to apply Multiple comparisons methods to contruct set valued Dynamic treatment regimes using data from Sequential Multiple Assignment Randomized Trials (SMART).

My Publications

Assessing the variability of the attributable causes of death. Fu, WJ., Wu,TS., Wang,Y., Meng,HY., Huang JS. Open Access Medical Statistics. Sept 2011.

Work in Progress

Wu,TS., Pelham,W., Murphy,S.A. Set Valued Dynamic Treatment Regimes.

Ertefaie,A., Wu,TS., Lynch,K., Nahum-Shani,I. Identifying the Set that Contains the Best Dynamic Treatment Regimes.

A brief introduction to my research

Dynamic Treatment Regimes (DTRs) are of growing interest across the clinical sciences as they provide sequential, personalized decision making. Traditional DTRs recommend only one treatment at each decision point. This might not always be a good choice since there is often insucient evidence to differentiate between several "best" treatments. Instead, we would like to offer patients a set of treatments if we have no evidence to distinguish among them. Then the patients can choose among treatments in the set according to their own preference. My work is to develop an algorithm to construct such recommended sets.

Contact Information

Tianshuang Wu

437 West Hall

1085 South University Ave

Ann Arbor MI 48109

wutiansh at umich dot edu

My beloved family

Wei Wu at Dalian University of Techonology

Jing Wang at Dalian University of Techonology

Yingyi Liu at University of Illinois.