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Professor, School of Natural Resources & Environment

Interests: Conservation Biology, Freshwater Ecology


Personal Data:
Born February 5, 1945 in London, Ontario, Canada

B.Sc. (1966) University of British Columbia
M.S. (1968) University of Michigan
Ph.D. (1971) University of Michigan

Professional Experience:
A. Employment:

  • 1971-72 Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Chicago
  • 1972-77 Assistant Professor of Zoology, University of Maryland
  • 1977-84 Associate Professor of Zoology,University of Maryland
  • 1984-90 Professor of Zoology, University of Maryland
  • 1985-88 Director of Graduate Studies, Department of Zoology, University of Maryland
  • 1990-present Professor, School of Natural Resources & Environment, University of Michigan

B. Visiting Appointments:
  • 1980 Windermere Laboratory, Freshwater Biological Association, U. K.
  • 1983 Hebrew University, Jerusalem
  • 1987 Department of Animal Ecology, University of Lund, Sweden

Research activities focus on freshwater systems, with particular emphasis on streams and rivers. Specific research projects at the species and community level include predator-prey interactions, the downstream transport or drift of aquatic insects, and f oraging movements of aquatic insects. Research at a larger geographic scale and system level include geographic pattern of streamflow variability and its influence on fish communities; and the land-water linkages that influence stream ecosystem function in human-altered drainage basins. Current research is located in Michigan, Alaska, and Venezuela.

Current funding:
"Sustaining viable aquatic ecosystems in agricultural landscapes: The role of the land-water interface" US Dept. of Agriculture (with Donna Erickson and Ray DeYoung, SNRE, U-M).

"Second growth riparian forest management and stream productivity" US Forest Service (with Mark Wipfli, Forest Services Laboratory, Juneau).

Teaching interests focus on general ecological principles, and the application of ecological knowledge to environmental problem-solving in the areas of biodiversity conservation and ecosystem management. Specific teaching assignments include specialty courses in Conservation Biology and Aquatic Ecosystems, and introductory courses on Global Change, Ecology and related subjects.

Professional Service includes appointments to various committees for professional societies and to scientific advisory committees for environmental NGOs.

Representative Publications:
Roth, N.E., J.D. Allan and D.L. Erickson. 1996. "Landscape influences on stream biotic integrity assessed at multiple spatial scales." Landscape Ecology 11:149-151.

Palmer, M.A., J.D. Allan and C.A. Butman. 1996. "Dispersal as a regional process affecting the local dynamics of marine and stream benthic invertebrates." TREE , vol. 11(8):322-326.

Allan, J.D. 1995. Stream Ecology -- Structure and Function of Running Waters. Chapman and Hall, UK.

Poff, N.L. and J.D. Allan. 1995. "Functional organization of stream fish assemblages in relation to hydrological variability." Ecology, 76:606- 627.

Allan, J.D. and A.S. Flecker. 1993. "Biodiversity conservation in running waters." BioScience 43:32-43.

Robinson, J.G., S. Jacobson, J.D. Allan et al. 1992. "Case studies of training programs in conservation and sustainable development." The Environmental Professional, 14:284-292.

Allan, J.D., A.S. Flecker and S.L.Kohler. 1990. "Diel changes in epibenthic activity and gut fullness of some mayfly nymphs." Verhandlungen der Internationalen Vereinigung für Theoretische und Angewandte Limnologie, 24:2881-2885.

Allan, J. D., and A. S. Flecker. 1989. "The mating biology of a mass-swarming mayfly." Animal Behavior, 37:361-371.

Allan, J. D. and B.P. Feifarek. 1989. "Distances traveled by drifting mayfly nymphs: factors affecting return to the substrate." Journal of the North American Benthological Society, 8:322-330.

Allan, J. D. and A. S. Flecker. 1988. "Prey preference in stoneflies: A comparative analysis of prey vulnerability." Oecologia, 76: 495-503.

Allan, J. D., A. S. Flecker and N. L. McClintock. 1987. "Prey size preference of carnivorous stoneflies." Limnology and Oceanography, 32: 864-872.

Allan, J. D., A. S. Flecker and N. L. McClintock. 1986. "Diel epibenthic activity of mayfly nymphs, and its non-concordance with behavioral drift." Limnology and Oceanography, 31:1057-1065.

Allan, J. D. and E. Russek. 1985. "The quantification of stream drift." Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences, 42:210-215.

Allan, J. D. 1984. "Life history variation in a freshwater copepod: evidence from population crosses." Evolution, 38: 280-291.

Allan, J. D. 1984. "Hypothesis testing in studies of aquatic insects. In V. H. Resh and D. M. Rosenberg", eds., Ecology of Aquatic Insects, Praeger Publ. Co., N.Y., pp. 484-597

Allan, J. D. 1983. "Predator-prey relationships in streams." In G. W. Minshall and J. R. Barnes, eds., Stream Ecology: Application and Testing of General Ecological Theory. Plenum Press, N.Y., pp. 191-229.

Allan, J. D. 1982. "The effects of reduction in trout density on the invertebrate community of a mountain stream." Ecology, 63:1444-55.

Professional Activities:
Chair, Science and Technical Advisory Committee, and Member, Board of Directors; American Rivers.

Review of Forest Ecosystem Management Assessment Team (FEMAT) report on Pacific northwest forests. Expert opinion prepared for the Ecological Society of America and American Institute of Biological Sciences.

Member, Science Advisory Committee, The Nature Conservancy, Michigan Chapter.

Member, Science Advisory Committee, the National Wildlife Federation, Michigan Chapter.

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