Mark Clague

FALL 2003
Tuesdays and Thursdays
11:30 a.m.-1 p.m.
506 Burton Tower

  CLASS LOCATION Discussion meets in 506 Burton Tower, see map  
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This course will explore the technical, narrative, emotional, and cultural synesthesia of sound and narrative film. In addition to the Monday / Wednesday classes, a Thursday evening screening (8-10 P.M.) will be offered. Although attendance at this screening is preferred, it is not required as students may elect to rent movies on their own or check out library copies when available. Films must be viewed before the Monday discussion. Topics covered will include the rhetoric of film music, film music techniques (synchronization, orchestration, etc.), associative listening, and the analysis of select influential soundtracks, such as Toy Story (R. Newman), The Birth of a Nation (Breil), City Lights (Chaplin), King Kong (Steiner), Fantasia, Of Mice and Men (Copland), Citizen Kane and Vertigo (Herrmann,) To Kill A Mockingbird (E. Bernstein), Anatomy of a Murder (Ellington), Koyaanisqatsi (Glass), Star Wars (Williams), The Red Violin (Corigliano), and Illuminata (Bolcom). Previous experience in music history or film studies is recommended. Course materials will include three texts and online musical examples. Students will be expected to keep up with readings, participate in discussion (online and in-class), take regular quizzes, present a group introduction to a film, and complete a rich analytical graph of a music cue, as well as develop a final term project. Students who are filmmakers or musicians will have the option of collaborating to produce music for an original production project. Registration by permission of instructor only.


Course Materials:
Required Texts: are currently available at Shaman Drum Bookstore in downtown Ann Arbor (313 S. State, 2nd Fl. / 6627407). Please inform instructor if you have problems purchasing them.

  • Larry Timm, "The Soul of Cinema," ca. $40
  • Michel Chion, "Audio-Vision," ca. $20
  • Aaron Copland, "What to Listen For in Music," ca. $6
  • Selected readings available through CourseTools site



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