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Groups of 3-4 students will be asked to prepare a creative introductory presentation to the class each Wednesday prior to that evening’s film screening. A handout study guide should be developed and distributed to the class. Appropriate web links should be forwarded to the instructor prior to class for inclusion on the course site. Project groups will be assigned in the first full week of class and presentations will begin with The Birth of a Nation on January 16.

On reserve at the Media Union library (second floor) are two copies of a VHS tape with three segments from THE JAZZ SINGER (1927). Check out one of these tapes and make a copy at Groundworks (lower level, Media Union). Choose one of the segments and develop a live musical accompaniment, using whatever sonic resources you wish. If you prefer, you may choose to develop a compiled score, making a collage of pre-existing recordings on CD or tape. A mixture of approaches including live music and pre-recorded sound is also welcome. Let your creativity go. Due January 29.

You may choose to analyze any film cue (a more or less continuous sequence of music associated with a scene or series of scenes) from any of the films to be seen in the course up to spring break. Your analysis will take the form of two integrated components. The first is a chart describing the sequence of dialogue, imagery, sound, and music in the cue. The second will be a written analysis up to five pages long of the relationships among these various components. Accuracy is the primary goal of the descriptive chart, while the goal of the discussion is to suggest the function and interpretive stance of the music in relation to the other components of the scene and the film overall. Due February 19.

For your final project you may choose any analytical project concerning any film. Your topic should be developed in consultation with the instructor and should combine research with analysis. You may also choose a collaborative project to create music for a student film. Proposals for your final project will be due following spring break. Due April 9.




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