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Brandon H. McNaughton >> Publications

B.H. McNaughton and R. Kopelman, Nonlinear rotation rate shifts of driven particles and uses thereof, Patent Pending (2007).


J.N. Anker, C.J. Behrend, R. Kopelman, and B.H. McNaughton, Modulated physical and chemical sensors, Patent Pending (2006).


Scientific Publications:

B.H. McNaughton
, R.R. Agayan, R. Clarke, R.G. Smith, and R. Kopelman, Single bacterial cell detection with nonlinear rotation rate shifts of driven magnetic microspheres, Applied Physics Letters 91, 224105 (2007).
(Copyright 2007 American Institute of Physics. This article may be downloaded for personal use only. Any other use requires prior permission of the author and the American Institute of Physics Original Location)


I. Podlubny, V. Despotovic, T. Skovranek, and B.H. McNaughton, "Shadows on the Walls: Geometrical interpretation of fractional integration", Journal of Online Mathematics and its Applications (2007).


B.H. McNaughton, R.R. Agayan, J.X. Wang, R. Kopelman,
Physiochemical microparticle sensors based on non-linear magnetic
, Sensors and Actuators B 121, 330-340 (2007).


B.H. McNaughton, Karen Kehbein, Jeffrey N. Anker and Raoul
Kopelman, S
udden breakdown in linear response of a rotationally driven magnetic microparticle and application to physical and chemical microsensing, J. Phys. Chem B. 110,18958 (2006).

B.H. McNaughton, Vladimir A. Stoica, Jeffrey N. Anker and
Raoul Kopelman,
Fabrication of nanoparticles and microspheres with uniform magnetic half-shells, Mat. Res. Soc. Symp. Proc. 899E, 0988-N04-03 (2006).


B.H. McNaughton, V.A. Stoica, J.N. Anker, R. Clarke, and R. Kopelman, Fabrication of uniform half-shell magnetic nanoparticles and microspheres with applications as magnetically modulated optical nanoprobes, cond-mat/0506418 (2005).


B.H. McNaughton, J.N. Anker, R. Kopelman, Magnetic microdrill as a modulated fluorescent pH sensor, Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials 293, 696-701 (2005).


C.J. Behrend, J.N. Anker,  B.H. McNaughton, R. Kopelman, Microrheology with modulated optical nanoprobes (MOONs), Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials 293, 663-670 (2005).

R.R. Agayan, T. Horvath, B.H. McNaughton, J.N. Anker, R. Kopelman, Optical manipulation of metal-silica hybrid nanoparticles, Procedings of SPIE. 5514, 502-513 (2004).


C.J. Behrend, J.N. Anker, B.H. McNaughton, T.G. Roberts, M. Brasuel, M.A. Philbert, R. Kopelman, Metal-capped brownain and magnetically modulated optical nanoprobes (MOONs): micromechanics in chemical and biological microenvironments, Journal of Physical Chemistry B 108, 10408-10414 (2004).


J.N. Anker, C.J. Behrend, B.H. McNaughton, T.G. Roberts, M. Brasuel, M.A. Philbert, Characterization and applications of modulated optical nanoprobes (MOONs) Mat. Res. Soc. Symp. Proc. 790, 4.4.1-12, (2004).      


R.A. Lukaszew, B. McNaughton, V. Stoica, and R. Clarke, Surface reconstruction and induced uniaxial magnetic fields on Ni films, Mat. Res. Soc. Symp. Proc., (2002).

Newspaper Articles:

A century ago in a German physics journal, Annalen der Physik, was a series of papers from the then young — and . . . more
Nobel Laureate speaks on ultra-cold matter (Apr 12, 2005 By Brandon H. McNaughton, For the Daily)
Last Thursday, a portal to one of the coldest places in the universe was opened at the University when a Physics Nobel Laureate, . . . more 
Marshall Scholar winner tackles dark matter mystery (Jan 11, 2005 By Brandon McNaughton, For the Daily)
Have you ever sat up all night contemplating the mysteries of the universe or the perplexities of nature? LSA senior Jacob . . . more
Saturday Science (Dec 14, 2004 By Brandon H. McNaughton, For the Daily)
'U' students tutor sixth-graders in everyday physics
Energy filled the room, literally and figuratively, when Warren Smith, the supervisor of the University’s Physics . . . more




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