There Oughta Be Bigger Shrimp
The Very First Moral-less Fable™
by John Cady

Chapter 2: Hoohah

Sarah went inside, the excitement of the morning having inspired her to hunt. But alas, no shotgun shells anywhere, and besides, her caribou license had expired. "lucky beasts" she sighed, and sat down at the TV set.

The set was asking her if she really liked the shape of her feet.

"i never really thought about it before," said Sarah to the TV set.

The TV then sat down next to her and showed her several brochures explaining foot-shaping surgery. After an hour of persuasive selling, Sarah decided: round, spherical feet, like the casters on chairs.

"You'll never pick up your feet again" the TV set promised.

If you're seeing this text, you wouldn't be able to view this image either. It's no big deal. It's a picture of a boy with a pumpkin. What the hell was I thinking? Why even waste anyone's time with something so insipid? But have you thought of obtaining a graphical browser? Not that you have to.

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