The Moral-Less Fables™
What Are They and When Will the Spiral-bound Edition Come Out?

The Moral-Less Fables™ were created to provide something for those who wanted all the words of a regular short book, but without all the points.

Many of us recall as children blissfully attending to the folks or Grandad as they read us from the Aesop's book or from the Grimm's. At the end of these marvelous little parables was a charming little "moral:" Well, that's where we had to think.

Aha! In the Moral-Less Fables™, there is no "moral:" In fact, there is no point to any of them, they're perfectly free of sense. I'm so sure you'll find these new fables ludicrously inane that I'm willing to make a guarantee: if you read the stories and find anything of value in them, I'll either argue with you until you go away, or I'll change the story. That's how committed I am to pointlessness.

So without any ado, I present to you the Fables:

Fable 1: There Oughta Be Bigger Shrimp

Fable 2: Slack

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