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Sunday, April 08, 2007

Impeach Levin

I don't think a senator can be impeached, but Michigan residents should let him know that we want the war stopped now--and we don't want to waste another dime on it:
Michigan Sen. Carl Levin, the Senate Armed Service Committee chairman, took issue with an effort by Majority Leader Harry Reid to cut off money for the war next year as a way to end U.S. involvement.

"We're not going to vote to cut funding, period," Levin said.
In 2002, Levin voted against giving aWol permission to start a pointless criminal war. Since then, however, he has done nothing to stop it, even now when he actually has substantial power to do so. Last month, he was even pushing for more pointless criminal wars.

Levin is running for re-election next year. Let's make sure he doesn't get it.