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Thursday, March 01, 2007


Michigan's senior senator, Carl Levin, apparently supports attacking Iran AND Syria! Here's what he said on Tuesday:
These weapons (in Iraq) are coming from a state which doesn't recognize Israel either, just like Iran doesn't, we've got to try to stop weapons coming into Iraq from any source, they're killing our troops. I agree with the comments about trying to stop them coming in from Iran. I think we have to stop them going to the Sunni insurgents, as well as to the Shia, and I was just wondering, does the military have a plan, if necessary, to go into Syria, to go the source of any weapons coming from Syria.
Levin actually voted against the war in Iraq back in 2002, but has apparently since then completely lost his mind. So much for any hope that the Dumbocrats will end the current wars or prevent future ones--as Arthur Silber says, they don't want to.

Michigan readers--heck, all readers--should call Levin's office and let him know that we don't want war with Iraq, much less Iran and Syria. If he's worried about our troops, BRING THEM HOME. Rescind the war authorizations, defund, and impeach. THAT's what Levin should be doing--not insisting that the Bushies start even more criminal wars.

Levin's office number in Washington is (202) 224-6221. He has other offices you could call as well if you're really pissed.

BTW, if supplying weapons which end up killing a country's soldiers were justification for that country attacking the supplier, pretty much every country on earth would be justified in attacking the US.