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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

She most certainly DOESN'T deserve an apology, or a vote

Cartoonist Tony Auth seems to think that Hillary was clueless in 2002:

Absurd. When Hillary voted in favor of the Iraq war in October 2002, Bush had already misled us into one war (Afghanistan) and botched that occupation completely. The Constitution was already being trashed, with Hillary's help, through the Patriot Act, the indefinite detention of so-called "detainees" and "enemy combatants," including US citizens like Jose Padilla, and illegal wiretapping. W's incompetence was there for anyone to see--the failure to stop 9/11, the failure to capture Osama even though trashing an entire country for that express purpose, or, for that matter, every time he opened his mouth. There are only two explanations for Hillary's 2002 vote: either she's too stupid to see the obvious, or she's been on Bush's side all along. I suspect the latter, but in either case, Hillary doesn't deserve an apology. In the first case, she should simply be relegated to the trash heap of history, babbling her nonsense in venues far from Washington. In the latter case, she deserves a cell at Gitmo down the hall from Bush's and Cheney's.