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Thursday, February 22, 2007

If Hillary stops running for pResident, I'll stop complaining about her

Sorry. I will make an effort not to have this blog become exclusively an anti-Hillary screed, but I'm just flabbergasted that this sleazeball detested by 3/4 of America is even remotely considered to be pResident, much less the frontrunner for 2008. Plus, I saw this Hillary quote about her 2002 Iraq vote over at WIIIAI: "My vote was a sincere vote based on the facts and assurances that I had at the time."

So I felt compelled to leave a comment, and then further compelled to post it here:
I suspect that one of Hillary's "assurances that [she] had at the time," probably from Bill, is that her yes vote would help her become pResident. And I'm sure she sincerely believed that.

I'd like to see her list the "facts" she had at the time, and then ask her to define "facts."