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I am a mathematics student at the University of Michigan.

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Algebraic Topology Reading Group

Group Meets: Tuesday 5:30 PM - 7:00 PM, EH2866 Cancelled due to COVID-19 concerns.

Text: We will roughly follow either

Both of these are available for free online, through the links above. Other resources that may be useful are both Topology by James R. Munkres and Elements of Algebraic Topology by James R. Munkres. Another very useful resource is Ben Gould's notes for Math 592 at the University of Michigan, which can be found here.

Prerequisites: We will assume a first course in point-set topology as well as basic algebra (groups, etc).

Structure: The structure of the reading group will be as follows: every week, we will select a portion of reading to work through. In addition, we will designate one person (or group) to lead the discussion, by giving a short presentation on the material. Finally, the discussion leaders will TeX the notes to the weekly discussion, which everyone is free to contribute to and edit.

Notes: Notes from our reading group can be found here. Notes will be compiled and uploaded here on Thursdays following each meeting. These notes are highly incomplete, very messy, and likely will not be reorganized.


Italicized topics denote reading if time permits. Important italicized topics will be moved to the next week. Note that H denotes Hatcher, M denotes May, and G denotes Ben Gould's notes.